Why Being A Woman Who Loves Attention Is Actually A Good Thing

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When your proud of being the center of attention, you don't seek out the attention; it finds you!

Even as a child, I loved to perform. I would sing and dance, and the more applause, the better. There is nothing better than the stage or being in the front of the room.

While I am proud of my love for the center, many don’t understand why. I have had people make fun of it and even goes as far as to think, as a female, it’s an over-the-top need for attention.

Let’s put to rest all the misconceptions of arrogance and the "need for attention" and look at four reasons to be proud to be the type of woman who loves being the center of attention. It’s a fantastic way to energize, influence, and help others:

1. We provide energy.

Women who are proud to be the center of attention power up their internal batteries through people. The more people, the more energy they bring to the conversation, situation, or experience. The enthusiasm is contagious, can be shared with ease, and allows people to follow. 

It’s as simple as getting a group of complete strangers on stage on Karaoke night singing, "I’ve Got Friends in Low Places."

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2. We initiate.

When in the center, you have the privilege to bring people together. Women in the center will intentionally initiate conversations which can improve communication, relationships, and solve problems. While it is exciting to see the results, it can be a curse.

People are drawn to you like a moth to a flame and it can be overwhelming. It’s not about wanting the attention that the attention finds you. Be prepared to screen a few phone calls and make sure and have your headphones accessible when waiting to take your seat on a plane. 

3. We are insightful.

The center is an environment to create insight. Being the center of attention doesn't mean you soak up the attention, but instead, you have a higher responsibility to share your knowledge and experiences with those around you.

While in the center, you can create those "aha" moments. When on the fringe, it’s much more difficult. Being in the center gives you the chance to see the "wow" factor in action.

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4. We are entertaining.

It’s fun to entertain! When in the center, you have the honor of making people laugh, sing, scream, and shout. An entertainer, makes people happy, which is a feel-good moment.

When entertaining, there is also the opportunity to motivate and influence. It’s in those moments that behavioral changes take place that can impact a person for life. 

What if you don’t feel comfortable in the center? That’s fine! We all have different strengths and opportunities. If you don’t like to be the center of attention, find someone who does and create a partnership.

Take the initiative open the dialogue and learn from each other. Diversity is powerful when minds are open to new possibilities. Who knows? You may learn to love it!

The center is not about the need for attention, but where the action takes place. I am energized by the experience and do my best to share that energy. It’s a great feeling when you bring people together to create value, and there is nothing better than creating insight and those "aha" moments.

It’s a blast to be able to entertain a group of people and to motivate and influence change.

If you prefer the center, don’t be shy about it, break a leg! You have an excellent opportunity to share and the responsibility to inspire.

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Brenda Descamps is a Board-Certified Leadership and Life Coach. If you need an energizer bunny for your workgroup, you can reach her at or on her website.