Is Lara Trump Running For Senate?

Is another Trump family member considering political office?

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Lara Trump is a former American TV producer though, of course, she's best known for being Eric Trump's wife and the campaign advisor to her father-in-law, Donald Trump.

She and Eric have two kids together, Carolina Dorothy Trump and Eric L. Trump. 

There's new rumors Lara Trump is considering running for Senate in North Carolina — but are they true?

Is Lara Trump running for Senate?

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Lara Trump may run in 2022.

Allegedly, Lara Trump is planning to run for office in 2022 in the Senate Race in North Carolina.

She's allegedly planning on running then because Senator Richard Burr’s term is ending then and she hopes to take his position.

Burr has been in office for 15 years and has publicly said that he does not want to continue serving as senator. 

Lara Trump is from North Carolina. 

Lara Trump was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and splits her time there so it makes sense why she would want to hold a position in the area.


She received her Bachelor’s Degree from N.C. State University. After pursuing an education, she was a television producer for Inside Edition and also was a personal trainer and professional chef. 

In 2016 and 2020, she was a campaign advisor to her father-in-law, Donald Trump.

She helped campaign for him in North Carolina at rallies for his re-election. 

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There are other candidates eyeing the Senate position. 

There are myriad other Republican candidates also looking to fill in for Burr’s seat. 

Mark Meadows, the 29th White House chief of staff and former North Carolina congressman, may be interested in running. 

Mark Walker also may be a potential candidate. He's a politician and pastor who serves as the U.S. representative for North Carolina.

Walker was also chosen to lead the Republican Study Committee in 2017 and he was the Vice-Chair of the House Republican Conference in 2019. 

Pat McCrory, former governor of North Carolina, also may  be looking to run. He was the 74th governor of North Carolina from 2013 to 2017 as well as a businessman and radio host. 


Lara Trump has vehemently defended her father-in-law Donald Trump.

In the past, Lara Trump has publicly made fun of Joe Biden for his stutter.

At a rally in Iowa, Lara Trump said, "I feel kind of sad for Biden ... I'm supposed to want him to fail at every turn, but every time they turn to him I'm like, 'Joe can you get it out? Let's get the words out Joe.’”

Lara Trump has also publicly defended her father-in-law for many of his outrageous comments. Specifically, Donald Trump was discussing Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmar at his rally and said, “You gotta get your governor to open up your state, OK? And get your schools open. Get your schools open. The schools have to be open, right?” 


When the audience started chanting Llock her up” [in reference to Whitmer] and instead of calming the audience down, President Trump joined in with, “Lock ‘em all up.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Lara Trump defended her father-in-law's inflammatory statements saying, “He wasn’t doing anything, I don’t think, to provoke people to threaten this woman at all. He was having fun at a Trump rally.”

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