6 Things You Never Knew About Eric Trump's Wife, Lara Trump

What you need to know about this member of the Trump family.

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At this year's Republican National Convention, several members of president Donald Trump's family are slated to speak, including his son, Eric Trump — whose wife, Lara Trump, serves as a campaign advisor to her father-in-law. She's been incredibly active in Trump's re-election campaign so far, and it seems like we'll be seeing a lot more of her and her husband as we get closer to November. 

We already know plenty about Eric; as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, he's been an outspoken supporter of his father from day one.


Who is Eric Trump's wife, Lara Trump?

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Before her political career, Lara Trump was a TV producer.

Long before Lara joined the Trump campaign, she first worked in TV. After graduating from college, Lara was a TV producer, more commonly known by her maiden name as Lara Lea Yunaska. She started out her career working as an associate producer for CBS show Inside Edition. She then took her TV experience to Trump's YouTube channel, where she began her own segment called Real News Update, and frequently makes other TV appearances on behalf of the campaign.


Lara Trump Is close with her sister-in-law, Tiffany Trump.



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Though Tiffany has stayed in the background for the majority of her dad's presidency, instead allowing her other siblings to be front and center, she and Lara have actually remained close. Earlier this year, Lara shared this post to Instagram, congratulating Tiffany on graduating from law school and including photos of times they were able to get together.

"It’s almost bittersweet because, like so many other students out there, we couldn’t go to your graduation ceremony. We can’t all celebrate this momentous occasion with a party. We can’t even give your a congratulatory hug," Lara wrote. "But, for you and all the other graduates out there, all across this country, no one can ever take away your hard work, your dedication and that incredible diploma you earned." 


How many kids do Eric and Lara Trump have? 



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The majority of Lara's Instagram posts are centered on her children — Eric L. Trump (who's known as Luke), 2, and Carolina Dorothy, who recently turned 1. It seems family is incredibly important to Lara, which certainly makes sense, considering she's pivoted her career to working to get her father-in-law re-elected in November.

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Lara Trump attended the French Culinary Institute In New York. 

After graduating from North Carolina State University, Lara moved to New York to attend the French Culinary Institute. She earned a degree in Pastry Arts — which may have been inspired by the time she spent studying abroad in France — but eventually, she ended up following a different career path entirely. 

Where is Lara Trump from?

Growing up, Lara was from Wilmington, NC, where her parents, Robert and Linda Yunaska, still live today, and in an interview during the 2016 campaign, she said she'd love to own a house there herself someday so she could spend more time in her hometown with her family. 

“My husband knows that if we’re buying a house anywhere else, it is Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina,” she said. "Without a doubt. He doesn't have any other options."

Lara Trump says she leads a "normal" life. 

Despite the fact that she's the daughter-in-law of the president, Lara has said that she still considers her life normal.


”Eric and I lead a pretty normal life. Our favorite place to be is our home outside of New York City. It’s quiet and relaxing, just the two of us and our dogs. The Secret Service is made up of absolutely wonderful people. We couldn’t ask for more patriotic, selfless people to be around us," she said.

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