Does Vladimir Putin Have Parkinson's Disease?

Are the rumors true?

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There are rumors Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is plotting to step down next year due to health problems — and many are speculating the Russian leader has Parkinson’s Disease, saying he's showing symptoms. 

However, Russia is denying the claims about the Russian President.

Are the rumors true?

Does Vladimir Putin have Parkinson's Disease?

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Putin’s family is allegedly encouraging him to step down from the Russian presidency. 

It's been reported that Putin's two daughters, Yekaterina, 34, and Maria Putin, 35, and girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, are telling Putin to step down. 

Valery Solovei, a Moscow political scientist, said, “There is a family, it has a great influence on him. He intends to make public his handover plans in January.”

She also alleged that Putin is showing early symptoms of Parkinson’s and alleged the Russian President has plans to handover his presidency, which he will make public inJanuary.

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Is Vladimir Putin showing signs of Parkinson's Disease?

Observers who looked at Vladimir Putin's recent appearances allege that he looks like he is in pain and keeps shifting his legs.

"His fingers are also seen to be twitching as he held a pen and gripped a cup believed to contain a cocktail of painkillers," the Sun claimed.

He also allegedly had a difficult time holding a cup that might have had medicine in it, since his fingers were twitching when he held it.  

The Sun also reported that in 2015, researchers in Netherland identified signs of Parkinson's in Putin when watching footage, specifically in his gait.


"The researchers spotted how the Russian strongman walks with his left arm unmoving, almost pinned to his side, while his right arm swings freely.

Pictures of the President giving speeches also show him with his right arm resting casually an a lectern, with his left straight by his side," the site reported.

However, they did note that his particular gait might be a 'gun-slinger's walk', which is a particular gait of KBG agents aiming to keep their weapons secured well to the left side of their bodies.

Russia denies the rumors.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, i.e. the government of Russia, stated, “It’s absolute nonsense. Everything is fine with the president.” 


Peskov was then asked if Vladimir Putin would step down and he replied sternly with, “No," elaborating that the president is in "excellent health."

Vladimir Putin hasn’t commented on the rumors that he has Parkinson's Disease. 

Vladimir Putin himself hasn’t commented on any speculation about his health or that he may or may not be stepping down.

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