What To Do When A Leo Ignores You

Show them you care.

What To Do When A Leo Ignores You pathdoc/Shutterstock.com

Leos are known to be 'a lot', and when I say a lot I mean sometimes they are just too much for one person to handle.

If you end up getting into an argument with a Leo, and you make them upset, they will ignore you.

They use silence to teach you a lesson.

Leos are very dramatic and not well-tempered so it’s honestly not too hard to piss one off even if you didn’t even mean to.

So, what to do when a Leo ignores you?

Leos don’t hold anything in, so you’ll know when they are angry with you followed by ignoring you.


The only good thing going for you is that Leos don’t like to be mad for a long period of time.

So, if there needs to be an apology, the sooner the better honestly for both of you.

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Leos want to work out problems as soon as possible because they don’t like being frustrated and agitated, which Leos can often feel.


Leos have a lot of strength and control and want to support their friends but in order to do that, they also need support.

If they aren’t feeling that from you they know they can get that with someone else then they will ignore you.

It might not be too hard for a Leo to be mad at you because they are very stubborn.

They like to tease. They don’t let BS slide past them, and sometimes they just need space, which is a normal thing for most zodiac signs.

If you’re frustrating a Leo, that will most likely be a reason why they are ignoring you.

You need to realize what you’re doing or how you’re making them feel this way.

We all know Leos can get upset easily, however, not all the time is it for nothing.


Leos value people that they perceive to be important.

 They like attention, but they want *genuine* attention.

It’s hard to get to that point with a Leo because they want to value you if you are there for them and like them.

Leos have a strong scent for fakeness and disingenuity.

If you’re acting like that towards them they will not take it lightly and will ignore you.

They won’t play into your game, and nine times out of ten they will play the game better than you.

Here's what to do when a Leo ignores you, per astrology:

1. Show them you care.

Leos don’t like if an apology is fake.

A Leo will appreciate it if you show them that you actually care about them and are genuine and care about your friendship with them.


You need to go through the hoops to show them you care because once again they can tell when you’re not being honest and real with them.

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2. Understand that you are also powerful.

Leos like people feeling comfortable in their presence.

They like that you are showing them your vulnerability, and you aren’t showing signs of weakness.

Although don’t be too powerful because a Leo must feel like they are in control.

3. Try and not be a downer.

A Leo thrives on positivity and empowerment and if you’re dulling their mood or spotlight, they will cut you off.

A Leo doesn’t like people being sad around them because that ruins their mood.


Only when you are a close friend of Leo will they let that maybe slide.

But if you’re not taking Leo's advice, and trying to stay positive, they will ignore you until you have listened to their advice.

4. Try and meet Leos standards.

It’s just something that’s in Leo's inherent nature that they will ignore you if you don’t meet their standards.

Leos like people that compliment them and that will be or try to be as bright as them and to be positive.

If you lack their sun energy then a Leo will probably ignore you.

Leos like someone who is unique and can stand out with them as well.

If a Leo ignores you it's because you were boring and not complimenting them.


You don’t get along then don’t even try to get along with a Leo if that’s not something you can do or try.

5. Use your voice.

A Leo can easily ignore someone if someone isn’t using their voice.

In fact, being silent can annoy a Leo.


A Leo actually appreciates when someone can stand up for themselves.

You are supposed to prove to a Leo that they know what they want and that they can do better.

A Leo wants more than just a simple apology.

A Leo wants you to prove yourself — not just to them but to others.

They want you to know that you’re strong enough to use your voice and to be heard.

A Leo knows you got that from their influence, and it makes them feel good inside.

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