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7 Reasons Why CNN Magic Wall Reporter John King Is Sexy

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John King

As the entire country anxiously awaits the final results of the 2020 presidential election, people are trying to find the silver lining in an otherwise insane situation. 

That silver lining is CNN reporter John King and his magic wall, and social media users on Twitter have been going absolutely bonkers over King and his coverage of the election.

Who is John King?

Read on to find out 7 reasons why John King is sexy.

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1. He’s good at his job.

Twitter users can’t stop talking about how hardworking and good John King is at his job, and is there anything sexier than a hardworking man? Spoiler: there’s not!

“John King is the hardest working man on CNN,” one Twitter user wrote.  

“That man talked and walked from screen to screen and drew circles and pushed buttons and forecasted and explained and drew lines and gave scenarios and clarified FOR HOURS.  And he’s back on again.”

2. He’s clearly got stamina.

John King has been working for approx. 24 hours straight since starting his election coverage (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still), and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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“Dat boy John King been on his feet since 7p. No chair, no Gatorade, no arch support,” one Twitter user joked. “CNN cold blooded. Get that man a stool or one of them rolling office chairs.”

3. He’s a sports fan.

On his Instagram profile, King states that he’s a fan of all the sports teams in Boston, which makes total sense, considering he is a Boston native.

4. He’s a dad. 

What’s sexier than a man with kids? Nothin’ I tell you, nothin’! King has a 9-year-old son with his ex-wife, fellow CNN anchor Dana Bash. 

The pair separated in 2012, so it looks like King is living that bachelor lifestyle now.

5. He’s a Katy Perry fan.

We’re all Katy Perry fans, aren’t we? 

Although the 57-year-old news anchor hasn’t been active on Instagram since the 2016 election, he posted about Katy Perry performing “Roar” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. 

6. He’s got a sense of humor. 

After Twitter users pointed out that he’s been standing on his feet and running around the magic wall for hours and hour on end, he had a cheeky response to one person’s tweet.

“Let us know how you take your coffee,” he responded to a fan who posted a video of a woman walking quickly along with the caption, “Me on my way to CNN HQ to make sure @JohnKingCNN is doing alright over there.”

7. He’s outdoorsy.

On Election Day, King revealed that part of his routine every four years is to take a brisk walk along the Potomac River. 

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