Majority Of USA Suffering From Election Stress Disorder (Says Study)

Photo: The Atlantic
election stress is real, blame clinton and trump

You're SO not alone ... and here's why.

Are you feeling a bit anxious lately? When you turn on the news, and it’s ALL election coverage, do you start to fear for your future? 

Don’t worry. Apparently, it’s normal!

52% of Americans reported feeling stressed over this VERY contentious election race.


Think about it: Between Donald Trump’s sexual assault allegations and Hillary Clinton’s emails, Americans are so divided, and angrier than ever before!

Lynn Bufka, PhD, Associate Executive Director for Practice Research and Policy for American Psychological Association​ had this to say:

“We’re seeing that it doesn’t matter whether you’re registered as a Democrat or Republican—U.S. adults say they are experiencing significant stress from the current election … Stress becomes exacerbated by arguments, stories, images and video on social media that can heighten concern and frustration, particularly with thousands of comments that can range from factual to hostile or even inflammatory.”


Whoa! Maybe we should all be stepping away from the TV and social media for a bit. It can most certainly be overwhelming when it’s ALL we hear and see and talk about.

And it looks like it spans across all ages; it’s not just the younger generation consumed by media that’s feeling the weight of this election.


There are some things you can do to help yourself, though.

1. Minimize your time on social media. 


Seriously, the baby pictures and the new kale chip recipe your friend just tried will be there later. Stay present in your own life and don’t get caught up in the 24/7 news cycle that’s bound to appear in your news feed.

2. Volunteer!


Do you feel really strongly about an issue or cause? Change the negative energy into a positive activity. Volunteering is ALWAYS satisfying and you’re helping others, regardless of what you choose to do.

3. Go out and VOTE!


Yes, your vote matters. So make sure you get out there November 8th and make a difference!

Most of all, rest assured that your stress is NORMAL and you are SO not alone.