What Makes Sagittarius Annoying?

The fire sign can be quite a nuisance.

What Makes Sagittarius Annoying? michelangeloop/Shutterstock.com

Sagittarians are naturally energetic and curious and they are the world-travelers of the zodiac.

They can be extroverts, enthusiastic, optimistic and they enjoy changes.

But Sagittarians have negative personality traits that can get under your skin.

What makes Sagittarius so annoying?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so they have an over-the-top way of doing things. 

They will tell you what they think without batting an eye, and if you're boring or not interested in trying new things, a Sagittarian can get anxious.


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Sagittarians are mutable fire signs who don't mind being flexible as long as it isn't boring.

It's helpful to know what makes a Sagittarius tick, especially if you're trying to get along with one better.


Here's a list of personality traits that make Sagittarius annoying, according to astrology:

1. They are really impatient.

Sagittarians love the adrenaline rush and they want to be on a never-ending thrill ride.

Having to slow down for a moment can cause a Sagittarius to be very impatient.

They tend to look around the corner to chase the next big thing.

If things don’t fast enough for a Sagittarius, they tend to get frustrated.

2. Sagittarians can be unreliable.

They are prone to be irresponsible, self-centered, and they lack self-discipline.

They are quick to run away from their responsibilities or unpleasant situations.

They also quit in the middle of something that they consider boring in favor of something better or more fun.


Sagittarians tend to make promises that they can’t keep.

Adding to their unreliability, fall through with their promises and they end up not coming through with the said promise.

3. They have a short fuse.

Sagittarians are quite hot-headed and they are quick to anger.

Their anger can erupt over something so small and trivial.

They use these strong words that can be frightening and they come at a rapid speed.

They tend to be angered by being controlled and not given a great amount of freedom.

Something that they can’t stand is sarcastic and nasty people. Their revenge can be quite sneaky and harsh.

4. Their filter is nonexistent.

Sagittarians have the bad habit of saying whatever comes to mind.


They don’t think twice about telling others about their lives.

According to J. Michael Brown, Sagittarians “may have a bad habit of being overzealous when it comes to honesty.”

They tend to ask questions that come off as nosey, embarrassing, and even offensive.

They’re almost like toddlers who haven’t fully understood social norms.

5. A Sagittarius’ mind can be somewhere else.

Their daily life can easily be full of chaos.

Sagittarians tend to have personal spaces that are messy and they rarely put anything in neat order.

If they ever need anything, they frantically look for it, while yelling to themselves.

Due to their absent-mindedness, a Sagittarius will be late to or they may fully forget their appointments. 


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6. They can also be stubborn.

Sagittarians can be strong-headed and they usually don’t want to give up on something that they have stuck to.

They won’t listen to other people until their point is properly heard by everyone else.

7. They can be clumsy and awkward.

A Sagittarius can trip over their own two feet; they are always running into something or falling on their face.

If you hand them something to hold, they might end up dropping it as they are bad at handling things.

If a Sagittarius is uncomfortable or in a bad mood overall, they can make everyone else feel the same way — whether intentional or not.


It’s not a frequent occurrence as they tend to be cheerful and energetic, but it does happen.

8. Sagittarians can narcissistic with a lack of reality.

The fire sign isn’t grounded in reality.

Their high intellect allows them to think too deeply, which leads them to think of themselves as better than anyone else. 

As mentioned before, they tend to only want to talk about their own ideas.

They will speak with anyone who listens about their ideas and they are right, while others are wrong.


Beneath their charismatic personality, they may have a calculating mind that sees others as sources of social connections or even money.

9. They come off as rude and judgemental.

A Sagittarius’ blunt approach to a conversation can come off as rude.

They may not understand that not everyone wants such harsh criticism.

A Sagittarius doesn’t intend to hurt other people’s feelings, they just don’t understand how to soften the blow.

They also are firm believers of first impressions.

Sagittarians will start judging someone they just met for the first time — they rarely give people they meet a chance.

10. Sagittarians indulge too much in risks.

They are known to be risk-takers, which is what makes them so adventurous.


The thing that gets them in trouble is that they don’t fully assess the risk.

If failure is guaranteed while taking a risk, a Sagittarius may still want to take that risk anyway.

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