What Makes Aries Annoying?

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What Makes Aries Annoying?

Everyone has personality traits other people don't like, and even though everyone loves Aries, there are negative things that this zodiac sign says and does that turns others off.

What makes Aries annoying?

Aries are known for being super competitive.

They strive to be their best, and sometimes this zodiac sign can jump to conclusions, which bothers other zodiac signs, to say the least.

While there is nothing wrong with being competitive or trying to do your best at all times, it's when Aries goes overboard that these great traits turn dark.

Impulsivity is what Aries is known for and that just doesn’t sit right with others.

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What makes Aries so annoying to the other horoscope signs is that impulsivity trait.

At the core of an Aries fire sign is the planet Mars.

Mars is a malevolent planet, and when expressed in a negative way, it can make Aries headstrong and mean, especially when they want to be.

How Mars influences Aries is difficult to relate to.

It's what can make other signs like water and air not get along with an Aries, leaving poor Aries to feel misunderstood.

There's so much information about what makes an Aries a difficult sign to be around.

So, here's what makes Aries annoying, according to astrology:

1. They are self-centered.

Aries are also annoying because they don’t like being told they are wrong or having things go their way.

Aries are in the center of their world and everything that they do for others somehow has a way of serving themselves.

Their first thoughts and feelings are giving priority to themselves always, no matter how much you think they care about you they always think about themselves.

That can be very frustrating to anyone who isn't an Aries because it seems like it's the "me" game where everything is always about them and it can get very tiring being an Aries friend because of that.

2. They come across as controlling.

Maybe you're trying hard to understand your Aries friend and you let them talk about their problems and vent to you, yet when you try and do the same, they aren't willing to be there for you or help you.

Their sort of leader attitude can get in the way of understanding others and making rash decisions because they always think they are right or need to control others.

3. They can come across as cold.

They can read off to other people as being dismissive of their wants, needs, and ideas, which makes Aries look and sound selfish, opinionated, and not very intuitive.

Aries fire sign makes them want to be ahead always and will do anything to win, which makes them very greedy.

They don't care about the consequences because they don't care to lose.

This can be very frustrating to other signs because not everything is a game or a competition.

4. They are shortsighted. 

They are almost blind to others because they can't wrap their head around being wrong or why others don't like them, which is also extremely frustrating to many.

You don’t like to help others a lot of the time because everything is about you.

You could be friends with them for years and think you guys are really close but Aries only cares about themselves.

A healthy Aries knows that they are selfish but an unhealthy and insecure Aries will deny convince themselves that they aren’t selfish at all but that they are determined or strong-willed or not willing to be told what to do.

That can be really unhealthy for Aries and causes a lot of people to question an Aries and say “ok sure” because they are annoyed Aries doesn’t realize that they are being rude and it can get exhausting.

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5. Aries isn’t always supportive.

Aries sometimes tend to have relationships and friendships that they aren’t fully there for, however, they expect you to be there for them.

They might be the type to be jealous of other's achievements because at this moment they aren’t experiencing that same thing and they make it into a competition.

Aries also might have very high expectations not just for themselves but for their friends and family.

When no one is achieving what an Aries thinks they can, an Aries won’t react as much as anyone else who is proud of you no matter what.

Also if Aries isn’t your number one priority then they won’t care for you at all even if you care a lot for them, that’s not enough, they have to be number one.

6. They refuse to lose.

Aries no matter what, they will always want the last say or win in either an argument, a conversation about experience, or honestly a whole range of topics.

If you try expressing something to an Aries about why you’re upset with them they won’t take it seriously and then blame you that you didn’t tell them sooner.

Aries nature is competitive itself and there’s no way they can change that or compare themselves to others.

They constantly will do that even subconsciously and that can be very aggravating especially if they are in a mood when trying to hang out with an Aries.

7. Aries are greedy.

This goes with being selfish as well but Aries is so greedy.

They don’t like sharing and only give when they feel like they need to or are pressured by others.

They especially don’t like sharing things and hold personal value to all their possessions.

They also want things their way.

When you’re disrupting that or ruining their chances of having a good time, like at a party, for instance, they will make your life miserable.

They will make it so you do not want to even go with them anywhere.

8. Aries is not intuitive.

Aries takes a while to understand others' feelings towards them and sometimes they simply don’t.

It’s annoying to other signs because they don’t understand why an Aries is like that and it gets frustrating.

Their lack of intuition comes from their selfish and competitive nature which makes it hard for them to push past their own feelings and have better judgment and intuition of others' feelings.

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