What Makes Leo Annoying?

Why their lion roar can get a little too loud.

What Makes Leo Annoying? rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com

Leos are known for their larger than life personalities but sometimes this zodiac sign can be irritating.

We usually love Leos but on some occasions, Leos can get on people's nerves.

What makes Leos annoying?

Could it be their pride or need for attention?

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Leos are the king of astrology, and the Sun rules their zodiac sign, so when they brag about how awesome they are it isn't always far from the truth.

Leo season falls between July 23rd and August 22nd.

This makes their symbol the royal lion and their sign a fire sign.

This combination can make them a little ‘extra’ to put it nicely.

Here’s why that might be getting under your skin.

Read on to find out what makes Leo annoying, per astrology:

1. Leos are bossy

Because of their lion-like behavior, they enjoy being the leader of their pack.

Regardless of if you’ve known a Leo for five minutes of five years, they will try to jump into a leadership role.


This can be annoying for other people who like to lead or be independent.

Let’s face it, no one likes being told what to do so this behavior is bound to be unwelcome at times.

However, this trait does come in handy when no one is willing to make a tough decision or lead the group.

2. Leos don't accept advice.

It’s no secret that Leos like to have things their way and leave little room for suggestions.

This can become unbelievably frustrating when giving a Leo advice.

They will seek your opinion or suggestion but will very seldomly take it.

It can feel like you are wasting your breath giving advice to a Leo but understand that they are secretly taking it into consideration.


3. They are dramatic.

As previously mentioned, Leos can be a bit on the ‘extra side’ about, well, everything.

Leos like to exaggerate and wear their emotions on their sleeve. This can push your buttons if you are more of a laid-back person.

Laidback and dramatic personalities can balance each other out.

However, sometimes it may feel draining for the laid-back person to spend time with a dramatic Leo.

4. Leos are over the top.

Everything Leos does has to be larger than life and over the top.

If they’re going out for dinner, they’re going to the nicest restaurant in town or they’re staying home.

If they’re planning an event, it has to be the party of the year.


This can make for some amazing memories but can become frustrating if you want a night in to watch Netflix.

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5. They're arrogant.

Leos are known for exuding self-confidence and are always feeling themselves.

While it’s nice to see your Leo friend living their best life, it’s annoying to watch someone take a million selfies while you’re hanging out.

This is also annoying if you don’t have the same level of self-esteem.


Another negative aspect of this trait is that Leos can become so confident they think they’re incapable of making mistakes.

Try to understand that they don’t mean any harm by their confidence and have a chat with them if it’s affecting your relationship on a regular basis.

6. Leos are brutally honest.

We all like a friend that will give it to us straight, but we also don’t enjoy getting our feelings hurt.

Leos have the tendency to forget their manners when trying to express honesty.

They mean well but it can come across like a slap in the face.

If a Leo acts this way towards you, call them out! Just because they’re a Leo doesn’t mean they have a right to be insulting.


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