Why Do Scorpios Cheat?

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Why Do Scorpios Cheat?

There's really no excuse for cheating, but there are reasons why this form of betrayal happens in relationships.

You may be so confused to discover that your Scorpio partner has cheated on you and wonder what this means.

Why do Scorpios cheat?

For Scorpios, cheating may be caused by an inability to handle their intense emotions.

By sabotaging an intimate relationship via unfaithfulness, their worst fear is heightened quickly and resolved maybe through a breakup or something else.

It's important to note that not all Scorpios are cheaters, but for some, their fear of intimacy can lead them to distraction in the form of infidelity.

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Scorpios are one of the most passionate and loyal signs of the zodiac, which can easily translate to romantic relationships.

This is what makes the infidelity of a Scorpio such a complicated subject to piece apart.

With all of the passion they have, one can find it hard to believe that Scorpios cheat.

Scorpios aren’t too fond of change, so it would be hard for them to live a lifestyle with a side chick or guy.

Because of this, Scorpios tend to go after long-term relationships, but it's also why their partner's heart shatters when a secret affair comes out.

What causes a Scorpio to cheat, then? The explanation (not the excuses) can be found in astrology.

Here are a few reasons why the Scorpio zodiac sign may not always be faithful, using astrology.

1. Scorpios can be vindictive.

Scorpios cheat because they can be petty.

Scorpios let their unhappiness and emotions build up. Once their limit has been hit, their vengeance can be lethal.

If Scorpios even think that their significant other is cheating, whether it was an innocent conversation or a full-fledged affair, Scorpio can interpret it as cheating and they will seek out revenge.

But if it only looks like infidelity, it doesn’t matter to a Scorpio.

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2. Scorpios can be vengeful.

Some Scorpio men can be immature and narcissistic.

Scorpio men don’t like infidelity from their partner and expect their partner to be completely loyal.

Ironically, Scorpio men can have a wandering eye while they expect their partner to be forgiving, even if they are openly flirting with other people in front of them.

Even though Scorpio men can get jealous, they don’t expect their significant other to be jealous of their actions.

If their significant other get jealous, they would run the risk of being called insecure.

3. An unhappy Scorpio can become vulnerable.

How do you know if a Scorpio is cheating on you? When you can tell that the Scorpio's heart is somewhere else.

As mentioned before, Scorpios are extremely loyal and passionate about their relationships.

The reason that Scorpio women will step out of a relationship is if they are emotionally in another place.

If Scorpio women cheat on their significant other, it would be that their affection is for the person they cheated with.

Once a Scorpio woman cheats, it’s not just a physical thing, but it’s also a spiritual thing.

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4. Frustration can lend to irrational beliefs.

An excuse a cheater may give is that they aren’t satisfied with things in the relationship.

Scorpios tend to be sensually driven and even dominating at times.

A Scorpio will step out of a relationship once they’re not intimately satisfied or the relationship lacks closeness.

Once the intimacy in the relationship isn’t what it should be, the frequency of relations will begin to dwindle.

Scorpios will start to have a wandering eye and they will find this strong intimate appetite somewhere else.

Even though they have stepped out of the relationship, they will stay in the relationship while having fun on the side.

5. Distrust.

They may not trust you anymore, especially if you cheated first.

This is especially true for Scorpio men. Once trust is gone, the relationship won’t be the same.

Scorpios are loyal and they expect the same in return.

A Scorpio needs to know that their significant other is truly theirs.

Once they feel the bond has been broken or even threatened, they will leave the relationship.

6. They have emotionally disconnected from the relationship.

Their energy isn’t being matched.

Scorpios are one of the most passionate and intimate signs of the zodiac.

They enjoy people that can match their energy on both an intimate and intellectual level.

They have strong opinions and they would want someone that can keep up with them.

If Scorpios don't feel challenged on a mental level, they may step out of the relationship in order to find someone who does.

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