9 Signs You're Spiritually Ready To Be In A Relationship

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9 Signs You're Spiritually Ready To Be In A Relationship

Are you spiritually ready to be in a relationship with someone else? Relationships require time, energy, effort. A lasting relationship involves two partners who have faith in each other, the freedom to give of themselves to one another, and the desire to build a lasting friendship.

A relationship is a cherishable bond between you and your partner.

Why do you have to be spiritually ready for a relationship to work?

Relationships force us to sacrifice and give attention to each other.

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Besides having children, relationships are one of the ultimate tests for patience and accepting each other’s imperfections.

Personally, it’s important to connect with other people emotionally, regardless if you’re in a relationship or not.

Although, when you’re in a relationship, then your partner should be the top of the emotional support list.

Outspoken honesty should be practiced because it will resolve relationship issues faster — rather than holding any dismay emotions inside.

You’ll become each other’s rock while encouraging one another about the importance of self-care.

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Keep in mind you should apply self-care first before entering in any relationships.

Sharing finance with a partner will take its toll in any relationship.

Being on top of your game and encouraging your significant other to budget realistically can be exhausting.

You don’t want to date anyone if they lack zero control of their finances.

Being in a relationship also takes up a lot of time. It makes it more difficult to find for yourself, without messaging each other 24/7.

First and foremost, I encourage anyone who wants to be in a relationship to also be spiritually ready.

Dating God first before dating another human being, will give you the strength you need to overcome challenges all couples face.

Humans will always have the opportunity to let us down, but God will always hold us up, and when you're spiritually strong, you have your faith to lean on in times of trouble with your partner.

Here’s how to tell if you're spiritually ready for a relationship:

1. You're spiritually ready to be in a relationship when you can spot red flags.

Trust in your instincts. If the relationship isn’t healthy, then those orange flags can turn red.

If you are a Christian, and you feel that this relationship will lead you further from God, then perhaps your partner isn’t Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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2. You're spiritually ready for a relationship when you're comfortable being challenged.

Relationships and partners can challenge your faith.

If you notice someone you feel attracted to by their outlook on life and their heart, then God may be giving you a nudge.

If your gut is telling you to give it a shot, it’s better for you to try and see it fail, rather than never knowing how it could have been.

You learn a lesson from each relationship God puts in your life.

3. You are spiritually ready for a relationship when you have time.

Being in a relationship involves spending time with another person.

Similar to rock climbing, a relationship takes time, effort, and preparation. You have to have time for yourself, your spiritual development and time for your relationship's growth, too.

For example, your equipment can represent faith, trust, and spiritual support. No matter how high you climb, are you prepared to take the fall? And, if you are, will you have time to work on yourself, too?

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4. You are ready for a relationship when you have learned self-control.

Make sure you have spiritual/emotionally fixed bolts for each route you take, just in case that chapter in your relationship has to end.

Ask yourself if you're ready to rock climb with someone, and to be patient with coming up with strategies to keep moving forward.

If you lack the commitment to do so, then God might be telling you that it's not your time.

5. You are spiritually ready when you have learned to accept the past.

Be aware that starting a new relationship means that you’ll be carrying your partners' burdens as well.

We’re all human and God seeks for us to always look up to Him. Just like you would be honest with God, you should be able to be open with your partner.

It’s okay if you’ve experienced scars in the past, but it’ll be detrimental if you haven’t asked God for healing before dating.

Being in a relationship will feel you with pleasure for a couple of weeks or even months.

Then you’ll realize it was a distraction the whole time because you haven’t been healed spiritually.

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6. You're ready when you are okay with being imperfect.

You don’t have to be perfect with a cover girl’s smile everywhere you go.

Relationships will mean being honest and letting God and your partner help you work through it.

This will also motivate your partner to be open as well because they will know you’ll accept them.

7. You're ready for a relationship, spiritually, when you know who you are.

This country phrase simply means that it’s important to identify your core values, beliefs, and desires so that you can find your potential mate.

When it comes to dating, people will change themselves for their partner, so that they can feel loved and attracted to.

This defeats the purpose of a relationship because God wants your partner to love you the way He does. Sugarcoating your identity will cause you to have a blurry face, which will not hinder your identity with God.

If this partner isn’t willing to accept who you are, then it’s best to hold off for who God wants to present to you.

You deserved to be loved through your faults and setbacks in life.

As long as you and your partner have good intentions of always moving forward towards God, then you’ll know this relationship is on a healthy path.

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8. You are ready for a relationship when you can be happy.

Don’t search on google for this specific effect. Personally, I use this to identify people, who I choose to keep close to my heart.

Do you know someone that you could sit on the front porch of your house with, and not have to say a single word to each other?

You could be looking at cars driving by or the sunset going down from the horizon, but because that person is next to you, you’re having the best moment of your life.

If you know someone like this, then you’ve experienced the front porch effect. It’s one of the most beautiful feelings that God allows us to experience.

That being said, being in a relationship where you experience the front porch effect, means you trust each other completely.

9. You want to build a future with someone.

You're spiritually ready for a relationship when you’re looking ahead while being next to each other, instead of worrying about what’s behind you. The effect was created during my last relationship.

We had our moments of intensity, but when it came down to it, we truly enjoyed each other’s company. This partner will encourage your goals and aspirations.

They will stand by your side during your darkest hour. They will remind you to trust God when the future seems unclear.

Once you feel like you’ve experienced the front porch effect with someone, then go ahead and give them a call to seek your next step.

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