What Makes An Aries Cry?

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What Makes Aries Cry?

People tear up for different reasons and certain things can make an Aries cry.

Heartbreak, loss, and disappointment can bring sadness that leads to endless tears.

Certain zodiac signs are more sensitive than others.

But even tough zodiac signs like Aries have things that make them cry.

What makes an Aries cry?

Aries is the first zodiac sign in astrology, and they are optimistic souls with a strong desire to lead.

An Aries who doesn't get that promotion they worked years to earn will be the first to sulk at home in private.

An Aries who feels rejected by the love of their life will bawl for days on end, too.

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Aries is the starter of things, so endings are not in their astrological DNA.

Born between March 21-April 19, Aries is Cardinal modality, and this means that they want to make things work even when it's hard. 

An Aries fire element makes them passionate and intense initiators, so letting go doesn't come easily.

In fact, they may even shed passionate tears when things aregoing well

Most wouldn’t think of Aries as easy criers, but their ardor makes them deeply emotional people. 

They are bold and face life head-on, which is tough for any zodiac sign to do.

Aries’ immediate reaction to distress is usually anger or frustration.

But those emotions can quickly devolve into tears if too overwhelming.

Aries may put up a tough front in order to appear strong and in control and only cry behind closed doors.

Yet it’s important to know that their softer side does exist.

People in an Aries’ life need to be mindful despite whatever facade the Aries constructs.

They are human and need nurturing, just like anyone else.

Cancers are not the only ones who need a good cleansing cry. 

Aries doesn’t falter from change or conflict, but there is plenty that can provoke them to reach for the tissues.

Read on to find out what makes an Aries cry, per astrology:

1. Heartbreak makes Aries cry.

Aries are deeply passionate and loyal in relationships, romantic or otherwise.

They like to keep their loved ones close while maintaining their independence.

But if an Aries feels abandoned, they mourn the loss of the relationship with earnestness and outward expression.

They expect to receive exactly how much they give.

If their efforts are not reciprocated, Aries will feel devastation and disappointment.

Aries are not ones to hold in their emotions whether it’s in front of others or in private.

Their fire element drives Aries to express themselves.

They need some sort of outlet instead of suffering in silence and repressing their feelings.

At the loss of a loved one, for whatever reason, an Aries will most definitely need to cry it out.

2. Frustration brings Aries to tears.

Aries are fast-moving leaders, but not everyone wants to be one of their followers.

They like to be on the move and are always starting new projects or endeavors.

If an Aries feels stagnant or held back they can be overcome with frustration.  

They do not tend to bottle up their emotions.

Little things––that do not seem to be manageable at first—can quickly build up and frustrate them to tears.

Their frustration will sneak up on Aries making it feel like a big out-of-the-blue attack on them.

A lot of people may be taken aback by a sudden burst of emotion like this, even the Aries.

But this is a queue to reevaluate and ask for help as much as Aries may not want to.

This feeling of helplessness will break down an Aries to tears because they just want everything to run smoothly and according to their ideas.

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3. Loss of control will send an Aries into a weepy frenzy.

Aries’ ruling planet is Mars the god of war.

This planet paired with their Cardinal modality makes Aries natural-born leaders.

They are the first sign in the zodiac calendar and the beginning of Spring.

So they are used to being at the front of the pack.

Aries takes charge and likes to be in the driver’s seat.

If an Aries has to relinquish control to another leader, even another Aries, they can feel purposeless or out of control.

To have such a premiere part of their identity taken away for a moment or a long while can open an Aries’ floodgates.  

Taking on a different role can feel uncomfortable for an Aries.

But they sometimes need to learn from another’s lead rather than reject it.

Even if they eventually come to terms with the situation and adapt to it, there will still be an initial emotional reaction.

4. Miscommunication is another thing that can make Aries bawl.

Communicating isn’t Aries’ strong suit.

Aries’ opposite sign is Libra, the balanced diplomat, making diplomacy difficult for them.

They do not want to be told what to do or critiqued on their choices.

As leaders, Aries types don’t work very well with people who think that they have a better way of doing things.

This can create friction for Aries causing them to shut down instead of listening to feedback.

If an Aries misinterprets something said, they will run with it. 

Aries zodiac signs are impulsive and act upon gut feelings.

These instinctual responses can elicit strong, biting words.

Aries don't plan out their words, they say what they think when they think it.

Therefore, the conflict can escalate until Aries reaches a tipping point and the only release is through crying.

When you play with fire, you get burned, and the only way to cool the flames is with water. 

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