How The October 1st Aries Full Moon Will Affect Your Relationships — Forever

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How The Full Moon In Aries Affect Your Relationships Forever

October 1st brings in the new beginnings of a powerful Full Moon in Aries.

This Full Moon is the first of two, making October a Blue Moon Month. This means the Aries Full Moon will bring a once in a lifetime opportunity for each of us, no matter our zodiac sign.

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Full Moon in Aries Meaning

Full Moons are a time for completion and fruition. We can see that what we planted at the last New Moon in the same zodiac sign either be ready for us to reap the rewards, or modify future abundance and growth.

The lunar cycle timeline this activated was March 24th, until this Full Moon on October 1st. During this phase, we’ve been asked to contemplate the theme of new beginnings and authenticity in our lives.

If we reflect back to March, we can see where we were sowing seeds for a beginning that we weren’t even consciously choosing to create.

Sometimes, the lunar cycles teach us that what is destined to be will grow, and no amount of care or effort can produce what isn’t. In this case, we should be ready — not just to seize that new beginning, but to so do as our real, unfiltered, authentic self.

What Full Moon in Aries Means for Relationships, Family & Self

In looking at the meaning of this Aries Full Moon, we have to take in account the other astrology currently happening, including that this isn’t the only Full Moon we will experience this month.

Saturn, the planet of time, karma and boundaries, just turned direct on September 29th and is working his way through the final degrees of Capricorn before officially beginning his new Aquarian cycle in December 2020.

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and skilled in new beginnings, having Saturn turn direct a few days before this Moon is like that feeling of pulling a toy race car back, just as we let it go to race forward.

That energy is something that will dominate this Moon, both because of Saturn Direct and the fire energy Aries is known for. After a year of seemingly nothing but setbacks and delays, the feeling of finally being able to act forward will almost feel intoxicating to the point that becomes our sole focus.

The important thing with this Aries Full Moon is to balance those steps forward with the understanding that to create a life rooted in truth is a journey, because we can’t rush what we hope to last forever.



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This Aries Moon will bring movement and change into our lives, in terms of anything we’ve been hoping to build or begin over the last few months.

This means relationships will begin to progress again, career prospects will return, and there will be a general feeling of being able to make plans for the future once again.

There will likely be a feeling of increased passion and determination when it comes to our love life, as we will feel the energy of both the Moon and Mars in the zodiac sign of Aries.

And it is part of what will encourage us to take that step — not just into our future, but into freedom.

Aries Full Moon Challenges

Let’s not beat around the bush with the truth: this Full Moon will be the most charged and difficult out of any recent lunation.

Other planetary transits creating friction

Again, this is because of the other astrological events — including the influence of Uranus on this Moon, as well as that ongoing Saturn-Mars square that will peak on September 29th, but still be in effect until October 9th.

Uranus is creating friction around where we feel stuck or held back. This can show up as a restriction of freedom, both collectively (think of the current social justice movement in the U.S.), but can also show up if we don’t feel free to move forward in a new relationship or even break up.

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Beginnings and endings coming to fruition

While technically in Aries, because the constellations are off due to equinoxes, this Moon actually touches upon a star in Pisces.

Because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the first, we could feel that theme around us where we’re both finishing up a chapter in our lives, and also reading to begin a brand new one.

Adding to the stress that this Moon could bring is the ongoing Mars-Saturn square. In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, which creates a point of stress, but also action.

Think of a square like the climax in an action flick: it’s the point of the movie where we can’t look away and everything changes in an instant.

Uncertainty of the future

This Aries moon will have us feeling like we’re on the edge of our seat just waiting to see what will happen next. We do have to be aware of tempers flaring, frustration at an all-time high, and acting from a place of anger and rebellion.

While this energy can be helpful in the creation of a life based in freedom and authenticity, we have to make sure to not do something there is no coming back from.

Aries Full Moon Benefits

There are some challenging moments ahead, but there is also an upside to this Full Moon.

Long-lasting life changes

There is no question that what we’re about to do will change the course of the rest of our life forever.

The benefits of this Moon are that we will be able to step out of many of the cycles we’ve been feeling stuck in this year, because even the challenges will be of benefit.

Progress arises from discomfort

Many times, even if we know we want to move forward, or at the very least should, we still drag our feet some.

We hold back. We debate with ourselves over the proverbial right timing.

In truth, what we usually need is to be made so uncomfortable that we no longer have a choice in the matter. It’s the realization that we can’t put off being uncomfortable when that is what is between us and the life we want to live.

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