3 Full Moon In Aries Rituals For October 1st To Relieve Stress

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Ritual for the Full Moon in Aries - OCT 1

October 1, 2020 is the Full Moon in Aries.

Ordinarily, the Full Moon affects us all, no matter what constellation it coincides with, but with Aries as our main influence, we need to be prepared for an emotional onslaught. Luckily, Full Moon rituals can help us relieve stress.

Aries Full Moon Rituals For October 1st

Aries, which is ruled by Mars, is the sign of war, aggression and headstrong behavior. This means the Full Moon in Aries will bring about feeling of insecurity.

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The Full Moon's energy will feel confusing, which should give us pause before we do anything irrational. The Aries Full Moon will affect our head, teeth, tongue, arteries and blood, so we need to take care not to overindulge in anything that might give us a headache, because headaches during a Full Moon can become migraines.

It's best to stay home and do a beautiful, creative, mindful Full Moon ritual, rather than go outside and participate in anything too involved.

Full Moon Ritual #1: Take a cleansing shower in the moonlight.

Usually, the thought of a nice hot bath is what does the trick, especially on a night where there is a Full Moon. The idea of a cleansing shower as a ritual is an entirely different concept, though.

This isn't about relaxing and smelling beautiful aromatic oils — it's about visualizing the release of pain and burdensome emotion from your body and your life.

Stand in the shower; there's no need for soft lights or candles. Close your eyes and feel the pressure of the water on your head. The water is directly related to the Moon, so this kind of action is right on the money.

Just stand there and feel the water hit your head and wash over your entire body. As the water hits, imagine that it's not only cleaning you, but washing away your grief, your problems, your anxiety. 

Stay there for a good amount of time, with your eyes closed. As you feel the water slide down your body, open your eyes and see it slip into the drain. Associate the water that goes down that drain with the pains and regrets of your life.

As you see it go down the drain, train your mind to see your own problems washing down that drain as well. You'd be surprised at how strong the mind is, if you choose to believe.

Towel off the remaining water, knowing that you are now clean in body and in mind.

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Full Moon Ritual #2: Set positive intentions.

Because 2020 has been a year like none other, it's important for us to not get caught up in endless negativity. And while it's hard to change your thoughts when you've gotten used to constantly being bombarded with bad news, it's easy enough to try.

This is why we must make an effort to re-route our thinking, and that can be done by setting intentions.

Sit in a comfortable chair. If you have a place in your home that allows you to see the Full Moon out your window, all the better.

Imagine the rays of Moonlight falling down upon you. The Moon is receptive to your wishes, and will hear your intentions, so make them good ones!

As you sit, affirm in your mind what is good in the world, right now. Do not fill your Full Moon moment with complaints! Take this moment to acknowledge what is beautiful in your life, and affirm that you are fully invested in making your life better.

Say, "At this moment in time, I am one with all good things." Believe in the good, and the Moon will support your belief.

Full Moon Ritual #3: Let go of negativity.

We are all so inundated with the term "the new normal," and yet, not a single one of us can interpret it the same way. Some of us may see "the new normal" as some nightmare that awaits us in the future, while others may perceive the phrase as unwanted change, although somewhat promising.

During this Full Moon ritual, we rid ourselves of pop culture terminology and write our own future.

Sit as you would for meditation, comfortably. Imagine where you want to see yourself in five months from now. Tell the Moon your plans, and make them good ones.

Push aside thoughts of doom and gloom and only allow hopeful scenarios to enter the picture in your mind. Know that in five months from now, the Moon will still be there. Use this image as a guide for possibility and future positivity. The Moon will be there, shining — and so will you.

Tell the Moon — out loud, if you wish — how you know things are going to be alright. Tell the Moon, who is listening, that you have hope, that you aren't defeated.

Express your will to live and thrive. Know that everything is going to be alright. The Moon hears you and always will.

Believe in hope. Allow it to permeate your thoughts. No going back. Don't let negativity live free in your mind. Close your ritual with the simple words, "Thank you."

The Full Moon in Aries hears your every thought and, like the universe, it's there to support you.

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