Sweet Details About Jesse Metcalfe's Relationship With Girlfriend Corin Jamie-Lee Clark

Everything to know about the 'DWTS' contestant's relationship with his model girlfriend.

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You probably know him as the teen gardener that stole Gabriella’s heart on Desperate Housewives, or as John Tucker from John Tucker Must Die. In real life, Jesse Metcalfe is very much alive, and in a committed relationship with Canadian model, Corin Jamie-Lee Clark. Metcalfe is currently competing on this season’s competition of Dancing With The Stars. But can he dance his way into Corin Jamie-Lee Clark’s heart — and stay there? Only time will tell. 


Who is Jesse Metcalfe's girlfriend, Corin Jamie-Lee Clark?

Here are some fascinating details about Jesse Metcalfe and his relationship with Corin Jamie-Lee Clark.

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Who is Corin Jamie-Lee Clark?

Corin Jamie-Lee Clark is a 27-year-old Canadian model. Their relationship follows Metcalfe's major breakup with his former fiancé, Cara Santana. Before their big split, Santana dished about their wedding plans, saying, “The truth is we really have not set a date, but we are talking about it now that it looks like he’ll be wrapping up the final season of his series and we can make some time in our schedules to plan a wedding. Honestly feel like I’m already married because we’ve been together forever!” 


In January of 2020, rumors of Metcalfe's infedelity started hitting the tabloids. Metcalfe reportedly cheated on Santana with multiple women, and since August of 2020, he's in a new relationship with Corin Jamie-Lee Clark.



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Where is Corin Jamie-Lee Clark from?

Clark was born in Vancouver, Canada on December 22, 1992, which makes her a Capricorn

She became a model by mistake. 

Corin Jamie-Lee Clark did not aspire to become a model; the profession was something she actually stumbled into. “A well known, talented photographer reached out to me," she said. "Next thing I know, I was flying to California to shoot in Laguna.”

Jamie-Lee Clark is super-close to her family.

When she's not posting photos of herself to her Instagram, she's posting photos of her adorable nephew. "I miss my family a lot lately..and I can’t believe our baby boy is going to be a year old soon!" she captioned a sweet snap of her newphew on Instagram. "Being his auntie has completely changed me as a person for the better, I didn’t know I was capable of loving a little human so much," she added. "He is the first thing I think of in the morning and I’m so grateful every day that he was sent into our lives. This boy will change the world one day."

She's struggled with self-esteem.

Even models have insecurities. "Seeing myself on the camera for the first time was a very humbling experience, to say the least," Clark said. "I soon realized how to manipulate my body in the right way to make it look good on camera. I was even told from other models, 'The more the awkward the pose feels, the better it looks on camera.'"


She had a wardrobe malfunction in front of Kanye West.

It was an accident, of course! When asked what her biggest WTF moment at a photoshoot was, she responded, "My boob popping out in front of Kanye West." Whoops!

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