Jesse Metcalfe And Cara Santana Split After He Was Caught Cheating On Her — Who Was He Seen With?

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Who Did Jesse Metcalfe Cheat On Cara Santana With? He's Been Out With Two Different Women
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It's hard out there for celebrities in long term relationships — just ask Jesse Metcalfe, who's found himself in a cheating scandal this week.

He and fiancé Cara Santana have officially called it quits after photos of Metcalf engaging in PDA with other women have surfaced. Uh, yeah, that'll do it.

But who did Jesse Metcalfe cheat on Cara Santana with? That's a complicated question to ask because it has more than one answer, but here's everything fans need to know about his current situation. 

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1. Metcalfe and Santana announced the end of their relationship on January 22. 

Reports first surfaced claiming that Metcalfe and Santana were done on Wednesday, and although cheating certainly had something to do with it, insiders said that trouble had been brewing in their relationship for a long time — and one of their main points of contention was that after almost four years engaged, Santana was ready for a wedding while Metcalfe was still dragging his feet.

"It has been very rocky starting the end of last year and especially the last couple of weeks," the source said. "They haven't been very vocal or open about what they are going through as they are trying to work it out, but they are just not getting along."

2. The couple had been together for more than 10 years.

After meeting and beginning their relationship in 2009, the former couple took their time getting to know each other before their engagement in 2016. Metcalfe popped the question as they celebrated Santa's birthday, and the Desperate Housewives star's rep confirmed the news shortly afterwards. Since then, it's seemingly been smooth sailing for them but lately, it looks like there's been a lot more going on behind the scenes than fans may have originally realized.

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3. But who did Jesse Metcalfe cheat on Cara Santana with? He was seen with an Australian actress and a model.

On Wednesday — the same day Metcalfe and Santana announced their split — photos of Metcalfe with model Livia Pillmann were published. In the pics, Pillmann and Metcalfe can be seen hugging and getting close outside of a Los Angeles restaurant, and it definitely seemed to give off the vibe that this was more than just a friendly outing. Later that same day, Metcalfe was spotted with yet another woman, this time, actress Albany Pietrantonio, who he was seen kissing outside of a bar also in LA. 


It wasn't looking good ... especially since Metcalfe was wearing the same clothing in all of these photos, suggesting he saw two different women in the same day.

4. Santana was reportedly blindsided by their breakup. 

Reportedly, Santana definitely didn't expect to find out that Metcalfe had been with other women, and their breakup came as a shock to her.

“She was wearing her ring yesterday,” a source who referred to Metcalfe as a "cheater" said. “She had no idea things weren’t fine until she saw the photos online today. I promise they never broke up until today.”

5. Olivia Culpo appears to be speaking out on the matter.

Culpo — a longtime friend of Santana's — took to her Instagram story to share memes that seemed to shed light on the situation with Metcalfe, seemingly confirming that cheating did go on. One of the memes included a screen cap from Mean Girls that says, "Don't cheat ... nobody likes a cheater," as well as a photo of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone holding a gun that reads, "when someone upsets my best friend."

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6. Metcalfe has already returned to social media. 

After his breakup with Santana was confirmed, Metcalfe shared a photo on Instagram of himself in a car wearing sunglasses with a caption that said, "check your blind spot!" Seems to refer to the situation at hand ... although he didn't offer up any other kind of explanation.

For her part, Santana has remained silent on her Instagram since before the news broke.

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