Aries Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

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Aries Man And Leo Woman

As an astrologer, I spend much of my time writing up a synastry report for my clients whenever they wish to know how compatible they are with their mate, or the person they wish to be their mate. These charts are very specific and are based on zodiac signs, and place and time of birth.

When I'm not able to collect enough specific information, the next best thing is to simply look into the zodiac compatibility of the two people's Sun signs, meaning your "original" sign of the zodiac.

All signs can be brought together for a compatibility check, so let's go over the simple synastry for Aries man and Leo woman compatibility.

Aries Man and Leo Women Compatibility In Love And Intimacy

In general, we can assume Sun signs that fall under the same element (earth, air, water, fire) will more than likely get along. The fact that an Aries man and a Leo woman are both fire signs means they will have much in common.

For instance, both signs tend to be spontaneous and passionate. There is no lack for excitement or stimulating conversation between these two. They're interested in having great, long-lasting love relationships, and work hard to keep them going strong.

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Larger than life dreams and the ability to grab the opportunities when they're presented are common with the Fire signs.

The Aries man is completely there for the Leo woman. She's aggressive and knows what she wants. She has no problem saying what's on her mind in life and in the bedroom, and the Aries man loves every minute of it.

This is an almost guaranteed good match for a very hot and exciting sex life. The Aries man will keep the Leo woman spellbound because he, himself, is so creative and somewhat thrilling. Thrilling people is what Leo does.

When it comes to love and intimacy with a Leo woman, it's what they call a "shoe-in." It's going to work. Leo is good in bed and Aries won't bother with anyone who isn't, so we're really working a good angle here.

The Leo woman feels more comfortable with an Aries man than with any other. He's happy to make her feel special, and she's happy to give him anything he wants, in every way possible.

Being Fire signs, they're very similar emotionally, which means they're high-tempered, passionate, and a little insane (well, Aries is the really crazy one here).

One great thing about the Aries man/Leo woman combo is that they understand exactly what the other one is feeling and emoting. If one of the two is in a bad mood, it's okay — the other one understands perfectly.

This is also the perfect match up for make-up sex, as both signs love to fight, make up, and create an emotional theater to play in.

Aries Man and Leo Woman: Shared Values

They both value leadership and integrity, which can actually come in between them, at times, as they're both so strong that they're constantly volleying for control of the relationship. This battle for dominance can be fun for them, giving them a dynamic to work with.

They both require truth and excellence in their lives, and they balance each other out very well, even when they're in conflict.

The Mars energy of Aries can be very warlike at times, while Leo's blazing Sun sheds light on everything, making clarity a priority. When two people seek the truth, all falsehoods come out in the light of honesty.

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Aries Man and Leo Woman: Trust

One thing the two signs have in common is a very dire need for loyalty and trust.

Does that make them more trustworthy in a love relationship? Not necessarily. It's more along the lines of idealism; they want you to be loyal, while they're not altogether on board with being 100 percent devoted to you, or monogamy.

The Aries-Leo coupling needs work, and, fortunately, these two are very willing to put in that work.

Trust comes slow, but it does manifest after each individual proves themselves to the other. If trust must be earned, both parties will earn their stay, but not until a few indiscretions are crossed.

Aries Man and Leo Woman: Communication

Right at the start, the Leo women and Aries man will be open, honest and interested.

While these hot Fire signs may end up having a scream fest now and again, their words will always be truthful, if not harsh. However, they like to fight, and arguing is one of their better ways of communicating.

Both parties want to get their point across, and sometimes that looks like shrieking, shouting and yelling. What's unmistakable about this over-the-top way of communicating is that, for them, it works.

These are both highly intelligent signs who have no place for stupidity in their worlds or in their relationships. They're boldly matched, and extremely interested in what the other has to say.

These two do not lie to each other, which makes for fantastic potential and longevity.

Overall, the Aries man and Leo woman coupling is one of the best the zodiac has to offer.

Fire signs are best suited with other Fire signs, and these two might be up there with the best there is.

They can be demanding parents, buy they tend to raise well balanced, intelligent kids.

They will fight each other, but they will fight even harder for each other. If one goes down, the other picks up the slack.

Their interests are similar, and their reactions are similar. They're alike enough to be considered very compatible, but different enough to keep it interesting.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.