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Million Dollar Beach House: Everything To Know About Noel Roberts

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Million Dollar Beach House: Who Is Noel Roberts?

Million Dollar Beach House just premiered on Netflix on August 26, and for fans of real estate shows like Million Dollar Listing and Selling Sunset, MDBH will most likely be the next show you binge watch this weekend. 

The show follows a group of real estate brokers from the real estate brokerage Nest Seekers while they navigate real estate in the Hamptons, and while we’re excited to see the cast in action, we’re wondering all about cast member and real estate advisor Noel Roberts. 

Milllion Dollar Beach House: Who is Noel Roberts?

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Noel Roberts was born on June 29, which makes him a cancer. He is a real estate advisor and the Head of Private Client at Nest Seekers. He has a pretty impressive resume, racking up over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. 

Noel started his real estate career with Empire Real Estate Group in May of 2009 and worked there for nearly six years, then hopped over to Hamptons Real Estate Partners, LLC for two years after that.

Noel Roberts is also the founder and publisher of the Hamptons Spectator, “an online publication that tracks everything lifestyle in the Hamptons with an emphasis on high end real estate and design.” Roberts founded the online publication in January of 2017. 


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In May 2019, Noel Roberts founded Private Client by Nest Seekers, which is a “boutique practice” within the Nest Seekers brokerage that deals with “high net worth” clients, like athletes and entertainers.

“I knew when I became licensed, I wanted to be more than just a real estate agent,” he said. “I wanted to be able to provide my clients with a valuable set of resources to oversee their residential portfolio, which often consists of 2-3 homes, and provide them with ongoing market reporting.”

“What I love about my job is that the work and lifestyle are intertwined, whether it’s running on the beach and then being back on that same beach later sharing it with a potential client, I get to experience the lifestyle I’m selling,” he continued. “I get to live in the market where I’m assisting clients all over the world.”

Who is Noel Roberts dating?

Looking through Noel Roberts’ Instagram, it’s hard to tell if he’s dating anyone. Most of his photos are of himself, houses/properties, nature, or with his clients and friends. However, some reports say that he is in fact married, with two daughters. It is unclear whether the two cuties below are his daughters or perhaps his nieces, but he recently celebrated his birthday by joining them for an adorable tea party. 


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Noel Roberts also has a twin brother Joel, who's a fashion model and (obviously) equally as stylish. 

What are Noel Roberts’ hobbies?

From the looks of it, Noel Roberts has a plethora of hobbies. Noel Roberts definitely likes to stay active, often posting pictures and videos of himself playing tennis, boxing, playing ping pong, and swimming. 

He loves hanging out at the beach (honestly, who doesn’t?); he even set up his desk and laptop on the beach in April of this year! 

Noel Roberts is also clearly into fashion and is one stylish dude. Seriously, he may be the most impeccably dressed real estate agent in the Hamptons — and probably all of New York, for that matter.

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