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Who Is Zach Vella's Wife? Everything To Know About Michelle Campbell Mason

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Who Is Zach Vella's Wife? Everything To Know About Michelle Campbell Mason

Real estate developer Zach Vella made an appearance on the August 12 episode Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, and while fans were delighted to see him pop up on the hit Bravo TV show, many people were curious to know more about his family life — including details about his wife. 


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Who is Zach Vella’s wife, Michelle Campbell Mason?

Michelle Campbell Mason is a jewelry designer and the founder of Paramour Films, whose projects “focus on fact and female narratives” and “stories of the past to help us see the future more clearly.”

Her jewelry line, Michelle Campbell Jewelry, features beautiful bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces inspired by modern architecture, and was established in 2011. 

How did Zach Vella propose to Michelle Campbell Mason?

The pair were together for about two and a half years before Zach proposed to Michelle. Michelle detailed the story of her proposal in a Vogue spread, and it sounds like it was straight out of a fairy tale. 

“It was Christmas Eve in New York, and we were planning a date night out at the Italian restaurant Marea. As I was getting ready, Zach asked me to meet him in the living room of our apartment for a drink at 7:00 p.m. sharp, which was a bit fishy, as neither of us are punctual people,” she recalled.


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“As I walked downstairs, I heard Frank Sinatra playing, and then I saw a lot of beautiful lit candles and some amazing champagne chilling. He suggested we each open one gift before dinner,” she continued.

After Zach opened her gift, he gave her a large box, which had a smaller box in it, and another smaller one — you see where this is going, right? 

Zach then grabbed the small box from her and got down on one knee. “I was crying so hard, it was difficult to get out my answer,” she gushed. 

When did Zach Vella and Michelle Campbell Mason get married?

Michelle Campbell Mason married Zach Vella in 2015 in a gorgeous wedding at the Ashford Castle in Ireland. Ireland is typically known for its rainy and gloomy weather; however, Michelle and Zach lucked out during their big celebration.


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“We were very fortunate, as Irish weather is generally gray and rainy,” she said. “The morning of our first event, the clouds broke and the sun was shining, and we had warm, clear skies until about 4:00 a.m. after the ceremony when a downpour started and didn’t stop for over a week!” 

Michelle Campbell Mason is passionate about history.

Michelle revealed that one of her greatest passions in life is history. “My passion is history and finding the common thread between the past and the present, whether it is in fashion, TV, or politics,” she said

“For me, studying the past and finding patterns and connecting to other times though human struggle is deeply compelling and I find that knowledge to propel me though life and work with a fresh perspective.”

Michelle Campbell Mason admires Oprah.

Like many women, Michelle Campbell Mason looks up to Oprah Winfrey because of her many admirable qualities, and praises the former talk show host for “inspiring, breaking the norm, creating opportunities for women, and doing it all with kindness, empathy, and eloquence.”

Michelle Campbell Mason is a step-mom.

Michelle is a step-mom to Zach Vella's kids, Cyra and Sebastian, from his frist marriage to Nancy McCormick Vella. 

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