Why Are Aries So Smart?

Aries intellect is a force of nature.

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Fearless, the Aries is akin to a warrior, revved up to charge for what they value most. They’re born to lead, confident, extroverted, and unapologetically competitive.

While astrologers don’t normally associate intelligence with an Aries sign, the Aries personality actually suits them perfectly for the perceptive and analytical work that distinguishes geniuses from the rest of us — making Aries one of the most pracitcal, smart signs on the zodiac. 


Why are Aries so smart? 

We all know that intelligence comes in many forms. While one sign may be known for being brainy or book-smart, Aries gain their intelligence by combining all their skills and attributes into what one might call "earned intelligence".

So while there may not be as many Nobel Prize winners who are Aries (it's actually Gemini who wins this award most), there are Aries in all sorts of leadership positions and who have gone down in history as some of the smartest, most innovative people.

When you wonder why Aries are so smart, think of Reese Witherspoon and her bold steps to form her own production company (and the many peer awards she's been given for her work) and Lady Gaga whose talents and compassion have changed the music industry and the everyday lives of people who have benefitted from her outreach and activism.


Historically, people like feminist leader Gloria Steinem, labor organizer and farm worker-advocate Dolores Huerta, and journalistic trailblazer Joseph Pulitzer were all Aries — trudging through obstacles to become leaders who changed the world. Also, of course, former President Thomas Jefferson

Here are some other reasons Aries are so smart: 

Mars is Aries' ruling planet. 

Mars, the red and fiery planetary rock, is known amongst astrologers to supply a seemingly endless storehouse of energy to the fortunate who fall under its influence — and Aries is among these.

Their relentless charge drives aside obstacles. While they may face challenges, as all signs do, Aries' capacity for work compensates for these deficiencies. They end their education as virtual rock stars.


Aries are the workhorses of the classroom, they earn their intelligence.  

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Aries have endless confidence.

The Aries does not walk. They swagger. Sure, this can be a bad trait of Aries at times, but when it comes to solving problems and gettinig things done, it's a definite strength.

They not only believe they’re the best in the room — this is simply the indisputable fact of the matter. Their self-esteem and faith in their own abilities makes them ferocious intellects: they won’t back down from the ideas that take their fancy.

Aries will stick to their ideas and their ideals, even if they at first appear ridiculous. This makes them brave thinkers. While many of their ideas won’t stick, the few that do standout from all the rest: original and defiant to the end.


And when it comes to being smart, that sort of dedication and confidence goes a long way for Aries.

Aries are intelligent debaters.

We all know that Aries are strong. As the zodiac’s fighter, they know how to debate and compete.

Since they were children, they’ve honed their use of words in the schoolyard playground, the college class, and the boardroom meeting. This expert ability allows them to debate their own ideas and recognize the different angles one could take on them. Whether they’re the devil’s advocate or the staunch supporter, they freely flit between either side in their pursuit of victory.

This means that by the time they speak their ideas, they have already endured extensive and incinerating analysis, making what they have to say fiercely, if not frighteningly intelligent.


Aries live life based on their own rules.

If they call the shots, they’re happy.

This propensity for independence gives them an originality other signs miss. That's because they're not looking to other people to show them the way. They can see every problem from a unique perspective. 

If they start a new project and receive stringent rules, they are prone to disobey if not drop the project altogether. This can be both a good and a bad thing for Aries, and some people will claim to hate Aries for their ferocity. 

While this interferes with their ability to collaborate, this deficiency could also be construed as one of their best strengths: they’ll take up the projects they control, solve the problems in ways that they approve, and cycle through ideas on their prerogative.


In this way, their strong preference for independence makes their ideas more original than those of competing intellects, supplying them the edge that makes Aries so smart. 

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Aries excel at finding smart solutions.

They prefer material results to immaterial ones.

This makes an Aries seem smart because they won’t spend their times on lost causes and dead ideas. Unless they work and can reliably lead to definite goals, they won’t waste their time.

Above all, the Aries is goal-oriented. This orientation makes them intellectually formidable.

Ideas themselves are intangible — as in, ideas don't make you smart, what you do with them does. So, one sign may be considered intelligent because they have so many briliant ideas, but Aries is so smart because they can sort through all those ideas and find the ones that will actually work, may actually make change in the world.


Aries can sort through the brilliance and find the smart ideas that are actual smart solutions. 

Aries are great at driving conversation. 

Intelligence benefits from intelligent conversation! If you can't convey your brilliant ideas and get people on board, what's the good of them? This is one reason Aries are so smart, they know how to get people to co-sign the best ideas. 

The Aries therefore thrives intellectually. They’re the extrovert’s extrovert: they thrive in groups, starting conversating with unlikely characters and colorful personalities. This propensity exposes them diverse and interesting ideas as well as verbal sparring with conflicting points of view.


Because of this, Aries are exposed to diverse perspectives and points of view so their ideas are accordingly diverse and original.

In short, while Aries might seem like a brutish and practical powerhouse of raw energy, their unique qualities position them to possess a supple intellect and razor-sharp intuition. This is why Aries are so smart. 

Aries are also wonderful friends and allies, especially when you're working together on a project or trying to solve a problem. 

But watch out, if you get on an Aries's bad side, take caution and run for the hills!

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