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Social media influencers like rising TikTok star Noah Beck are basically the new A-listers of the internet. If you’re scrolling through TikTok and happen to stumble across Noah Beck’s profile, you’re probably asking yourself:

Who is Noah Beck?

1. He has 9 million followers on TikTok.

Noah Beck is a popular TikTok star who’s famous for his charming dance, lifestyle, and fitness videos. He has over nine million followers on TikTok and a large following on Instagram with over three million followers. 

Noah Beck was born in Arizona on May 4, 2001, which makes him a Taurus. He has two older sisters named Talum and Haley, and from the looks of his social media accounts, Noah loves working out, playing soccer, hanging out with his bros and other TikTok members, and of course, dancing — sometimes shirtless. 

Noah went to high school in Utah, where he played soccer, and was eventually recruited by the University of Portland. 

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In a “Get To Know The Newcomers” segment for his college soccer team, Noah revealed that growing up, he loved to play just about every sport. He also played football his freshman and sophomore years of high school, which “made him appreciate soccer a little bit more.” 

He also highlights his maturity and “hard-working, get-after-it” mindset and considers those traits some of his strongest assets.

2. He was rumored to have dated James Charles.

Rumors about Noah Beck being in a relationship with James Charles started to swirl as fans noticed that the two social media influencers were spending a lot of time together. TikTok star Bryce Hall basically started the rumor about Noah Beck and James Charles while crashing a video the pair were shooting, saying, “I think Noah and James are dating.”

Naturally, fans went nuts over James and Noah’s alleged relationship; however, they shot down the relationship rumors fairly quickly, insisting that the pair were just friends. Noah took to Instagram to clarify that he and James are not dating.

“Bruh, we are just two friends dancing and smiling,” Noah wrote in an Instagram comment, while saying, “I am straight. I love James...but I am straight,” in another Instagram comment merely hours after the rumors started.

Recently, Noah’s been linked to popular TikTok star Charli D’Amelio after fans noticed he was liking her social media posts. 

“I like everyone’s posts and stuff,” he admitted after being asked about his social media activity. “I like to put all my friends’ stuff on my story, to give them love, as well. In terms of shipping, I’m just doing me right now, you know?”

3. He's a member of The Sway House.

Noah Beck is a part of The Sway House, which is basically house where a bunch of TikTok stars live and collaborate on content together.



this sound is so smooth.. @blakegray

♬ original sound - _livvv23

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Other members of The Sway House include Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Blake Gray, Anthony Reeves, Quinton Riggs, and Kio Cyr; however, it’s important to note that members of The Sway House change pretty quickly.

4. He played soccer at the University of Portland.

Noah Beck goes to school at the University of Portland, where he played soccer for the Portland Pilots. 

After seeing Noah spend more and more time with The Sway House members Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson and other popular social media stars, like James Charles, fans began to question whether or not Noah had dropped out of college. 

"You're telling me Noah Beck dropped outta college as an athlete for TikTok?" one Twitter user wrote

While it hasn't been confirmed that Noah dropped out, one quick look at the Portland Pilots soccer page shows that Noah Beck’s name is not on the roster for the upcoming 2020-2021 season, so fans’ assumptions may be correct. 

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