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A Girl On TikTok Claims Actor Jake Short Ghosted Her & She Has All The Receipts

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A Girl On TikTok Claims Actor Jake Short Ghosted Her & She Has All The Receipts

TikToker Nicole Cardinale has made a pretty big claim about Disney Channel actor Jake Short.

In a video, Cardinale describes befriending Short via Instagram.

She reveals that an unnamed Disney actor reportedly slid into her DMs.

According to the video, Cardinale's friends said it was too good to be true, but she claims she and the actor continued talking and even FaceTiming for months.

Eventually, Cardinale wrote that he asked her to come to LA to visit him. So, she and her mom went to LA to see him.


This was 2 years ago and I just found out he unblocked me on Instagram last month... ##greenscreen ##storytime ##story ##famouspeople ##fyp

♬ I am at ur moms house - elizabeth_chetwynd

As she describes in the video, the actor continued messaging her while she was on the plane telling her the things he had planned for them to do together and claimed he would pick her up once they got to their hotel.

It was only when she landed that she realized that he allegedly blocked her number and all of her social media pages.

She never heard from him again, and she claims she only recently realized that he unblocked her on Instagram.

Of course, Cardinale's story had people in dire need of a part two and revelation of who the actor was.

"Don't be shy expose him," one commenter wrote, with another reminding her that she "didn't sign an NDA spill the tea!"

Cardinale responded to the second comment, "It's coming with receipts," and followed up on her promise.

Cardinale has since posted another video announcing who ghosted her when she got to LA, claiming it was Jake Short — and she has the DM screenshots to prove that she was actually talking with him.

She has all sorts of information to justify when she went to meet him and receipts for all of their conversations.

To prove she was really talking to him, Cardinale revealed that she and short are connected on Venmo, which can only happen if both parties have each other's number. She also showed the messages between them and proof that she was in California at the time the alleged ghosting occurred.

Cardinale quickly received a lot of support from other TikTok users.

One user commented, "Thank you for actually telling us who it was right away queen," while another said, "You did not hesitate to show receipts omg queen."

"Omg I've never been so mad for someone else wow this man is so aweful," another user wrote. "You deserve soo much better girl. dang."

The Disney Channel actor has over one million followers, and some users have landed on his page to address Cardinale's videos. 

"Who else is here from that tiktok also i’m pretty positive he’s deleting the comments in reference to that video," someone wrote in the comments of Short's most recent Instagram post

"U rly had a girl fly out to LA for u and then blocked her on everything once she got there," wrote another.

Short, who appears to currently be working on the TV series The First Team alongside Will Arnett, has yet to respond to Cardinale's claims.

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