Why Are Libras So Cool?

If only we could all be this cool!

Why Are Libras So Cool? Getty Images

Being called ‘cool’ is quite a compliment. But no one deserves it more than the Libra zodiac sign.

These people keep peace and harmony within their lives that allows for a cool vibe that almost feels contagious.

They have high regard for fighting injustice but don’t approve of violence or cruelty of any kind.

Why are Libras so cool?

Libras are very nice, only further adding to their coolness.

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In addition, they have a way of focusing on the bigger picture in times of trouble.

This helps them avoid conflict and be detached from the outcome of certain situations — a skill we all should master.

Getting called ‘cool’ is an honor to many, but familiar to Libras.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines cool as being marked by steady calmness and self-control.

In this sense, it can also mean being free from tensions or violence.

Libras really are considered to be the calmest, cool, and most collected of all the zodiac signs.

Here's why Libras are so cool, according to astrology:

Libras are so cool because they keep life balanced.

Libras strive for harmony and gentleness.


They place an emphasis on inner-peace, doing whatever is necessary to avoid conflict.

Their cool nature is fostered by the desire to keep everything in line.

Libras are so cool because they try to be fair.

Libras try to be diplomatic with everyone they encounter, always being kind and open-minded.

Many people envy their ability to see multiple perspectives.

This is a highly attractive element of the Libra because it shows that they are on everyone’s side.

You might consider a Libra to be cool because of their acceptance of new ideas.

They dislike injustice or violence of any sort and stand up for social causes, expanding their interests to others.


It seems that a Libra is always surrounded by people — and this might just be the truth.

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They are well-liked and appear cool to anyone who knows them.

Libras are very social and always maintain several friendships and relationships.

Making friends is an easy task for a Libra as they can easily spark up a conversation and show their true selves from the start.

A Libra makes a good friend because they value your friendship and are very invested in seeing it grow.

You can always trust that Libras will make time for you.

Astrology Zodiac Signs speaks to the Libras ability to use effective communication.


Never losing tranquility, Libras will stay cool and “communicate through any problem if they want to.”

They’re often found to be the mediator between people due to their ability to understand both sides of an argument.

Libras will never lose their temper and can be expected to remain calm in troubling situations.

Libras often put others first, and this ups their coolness factor.

Sometimes they neglect to listen to their own viewpoint, and even though they shouldn't, others may like this side to Libra.

Always wanting to be admired, Libras make others happy before giving attention to their needs.

This is just another reason why Libras are considered to be a cool zodiac sign.


Libras are so cool by the way they live.

In order to maintain their cool nature, Libras must set aside time for themselves.

While its importance can be overlooked at times, self-care is a priority in their lives.

If it weren’t for the inner balance they strive so hard to keep, they wouldn’t be able to stay cool and handle life’s demands.

Libras avoid making work a big commitment.

They need to feel a sense of freedom in their career and relationships.

This doesn’t disregard their determination and skill in whatever career they find themselves in.

Libras are ruled by Venus so they love art and music and must have both in their life.

These aspects of their life must be fulfilled in order for them to thrive.


Many people would equate a creative and vibrant personality to that of being cool — Libras are no exception.

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Libra is an air sign, so they can maintain objectivity.

With a unique outlook that seems to be detached from the world around them, Libras are able to possess a cool aura.

They are comfortable with knowing that some things aren’t meant to last forever.

Aware of what makes them happy and what does not, Libras often turn to a bigger perspective that will give them clarity and motivation to make a change in their life.


If this doesn’t describe why they’re so cool, I don’t know what does!

Not many people can understand how fleeting relationships and obstacles can be.

Life is ever-evolving and Libras recognize and appreciate this fact.

That said, their coolness comes from a realization that we don’t all possess.

We can learn from a Libra’s cool perspective and change how we feel about certain situations and events.

With a high regard for compromise and communication, Libras are respected for their ability to remain cool throughout life’s ups and downs.

There is no problem unsolvable for a Libra.


They are not afraid to try something new or be open to suggestions about how to handle something.

All in all, Libras are cool because they let things just be the way they are.

It might be easier to understand Libras by looking at famous celebrities who embody what cool really means.

Who’s one of the coolest pop artists of this generation and a Libra zodiac sign?

I’ll give you a hint — he wasn’t afraid to write a song about being lazy and he loves you just the way you are.

Bruno Mars is a Libra who is the epitome of cool. Known for his care-free and creative personality, showing us exactly what it means to be lovable to all.

Newly discovered environmentalist with his Netflix short-series, Down to Earth, Zac Efron represents the cool Libras who speak out against the injustices of the world.


Depending on who you ask, Kim Kardashian might be the coolest A-list Libra celebrity we know.

Another Libra, Kim K is the one who controls arguments among her sisters, further proving that this zodiac sign hates conflict.

Lastly, Bella Thorne just showed that Libras can be detached by putting her hot pink house on the market (even though we thought it was pretty cool).

Celebrity, friend, family member, or partner, Libras are cool people that we should all surround ourselves with.

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