10 World Famous Female Virgo Celebrities And Why They Are So Inspiring

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Top 10 World Famous Women With A Virgo Zodiac Sign

It’s Virgo season every year when the Sun transits through this zodiac sign.

Virgo season starts on August 23rd to September 22nd.

The symbol for Virgo is the maiden aka virgin.

Her ruling planet is Mercury and she's a mutable Earth sign.

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I may be biased in this regard, but Virgo’s are the detailed oriented, loyal and practical women of the zodiac.

Everyone needs a Virgo in their life to push them and refocus them.

From Queen Bey herself to a literal Queen of England, here are ten Virgo women that will inspire you to go for it.

1. Beyonce

The Queen Bey needs no introduction. She slays everything she sets her mind to, whether it be singing, dancing, or being an amazing mom and entrepreneur.

She’s an icon in so many ways, and we raise our glasses to the Queen of the BeyHive.

2. Bebe Rhexa

Bebe is a skilled and talented singer, song-writer and performer. From writing credits to ‘Monster’ for Eminem and Rihanna to being the 5th coach on the 16th season of ‘The Voice’, Bebe’s proved she’s a force to be reckoned with.

She defended herself and her body from critics, turning into a body-positive icon too. We love you Bebe!

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3. Lili Reinhart

After her breakout role as Betty in the CW’s ‘Riverdale’, Lili’s been on fire!

She slays as the best sleuth in town, portraying one half of the amazing BFF duo B and V. From small screen to the big screen, she’s also playing the badass Annabelle in the new movie ‘Hustlers’ alongside big names like Jennifer Lopez, Nikki Minaj and Lizzo.

We live for her excellent Instagram game, and she’s not afraid to call out the media when they spread false rumors, especially with her equally stunning man Cole Sprouse. Lili is the best Virgo friend we all need.

4. Lea Michele

Lea has come such a long way from her time on ‘Glee’. She stole our hearts as Rachel, and we all felt her heartbreak after the devastating loss of her partner Cory Monteith.

She shared with us her pain and her strength and taught us that love can be found even when your mourning. Her philanthropic heart and her love of the arts inspire us to spread love whenever we can.

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5. Queen Elizabeth 1

You can’t have a list of amazing Virgo women without mentioning the literal Queen of all Queens! Elizabeth the 1st needs no introduction. She changed the course of British history by being a single woman in one of the most important seats of power in Europe.

She challenged gender roles and was an early voice for the rights of women, even if she didn’t know it. She’d be proud to know that Princess Charlotte didn’t lose her fourth place in the line of royal succession after the birth of her little brother Prince Louis.

6. P!nk

The Pop punk rocker queen herself. I’ve personally been a huge fan of P!nk my entire life. While everyone else was rocking out to Miley and Hannah, P!nk spoke to my inner rocker chick.

She’s an amazing role model for her young daughter, encouraging her to look beyond traditional gender restraints and just be her.

She looks amazing in a pantsuit and a gown, and her music career has been immensely successful. She’s not slowing down either. Every year she gets bigger, badder and better.

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7. Misty Copeland

To the person who isn’t very into the world of dance, this name may not ring any bells, but she totally should!

Besides being an amazing dancer and the inspiration for so many young girls and boys in the dance world, Misty made history as the first African American woman to be named Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theater.

Her beauty and grace onstage translate offstage all of the time, and she’s been inspiring and pushing the next generation of dancers, even appearing as a guest judge of NBC’s ‘World of Dance’ during the final rounds the first two seasons. She’s the epitome of Virgo’s dedication, work ethic, and grace.

8. Elsa Schiaparelli


This fashion icon is the brains behind the House of Schiaparelli. Her designs garnered her collaborations from the art world, including surrealist Salvador Dali.

Her talents gave her plenty of haters and rivals, the most famous being a little designer and brand you may have heard of, Coco Chanel.

She was one of the masterminds behind the now-classic wrap dress designs (one of my favorite dress designs!). Her talent and influence in the art and fashion world continue on.

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9. Margaret Sanger

Ladies, if you ever wanted to thank someone for the beautiful gift and tool of birth control, Miss Margaret Sanger is your gal.

Born in 1867, her work in the 1920’s women’s suffrage movement and beyond gave women some of the first information and access to sex education, and she was one of the earliest advocates of birth control, something completely taboo at that time.

In my opinion, one of the most amazing things she ever did for womankind is that she founded the first birth control clinics and organizations in the United States, and they eventually came together to form what we now know as Planned Parenthood.

10. Louise Suggs


The world of sports is still one that is dominated by men, but in the world of golf, women now have an association and tournaments they can play in thanks to Louise.

She and two of her biggest rivals helped to found the Ladies Professional Golf Association, where she served as president from 1955 to 1957.

Thanks to her legacy, women can compete at the professional level, and some amazing stars have won her namesake award, the Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year Award.

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