Should You Get Married Tarot Reading, By Zodiac Sign

Should You Get Married Tarot Reading, By Zodiac Sign

This timeless one card tarot reading predicts if you and your partner will be walking down the aisle and getting married, based on your zodiac sign.

Read by a psychic, this one card tarot reading can help you to decide the status of your relationship.

Love is in the air, but will your one card tarot reading predict marriage is in your future?

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It is advised that you don’t just use your Sun sign to determine this reading, but also your Venus sign as that pertains to love.

Here's what your one card tarot reading predicts for your zodiac sign regarding marriage:

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Aries

One card tarot: The Hierophant

I sense a strong union with you and your partner.

The Hierophant is a good sign if you are feeling like this is a relationship to last a while, especially if you want to put a ring on it.

Your partner is a little more traditional than you, you’re fiery while they seem to stick to routine and schedule more.

If you want this relationship to be successful and guarantee this predicted union, you may have to sacrifice a little bit of your energy to adapt to their traditions, becoming more of a family member versus a couple.

This should take careful consideration on your end and could even lead to a conversation with what your partner truly values and expects from you.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Taurus

One card tarot: Page of Cups

Taurus, the future with your partner is more uncertain than the other zodiac.

The Page of Cups denotes that there is a lingering ex still taking up space in your mind, or the thoughts of your lover. People are hoping for the end of your relationship, cheering on your failure.

As a couple, establish some boundaries with who you let into your relationship; you’re both letting too many people have a say in the determination of your relationship.

Without these boundaries I feel a marriage could be rushed or pushed off, leading to the demise of the relationship.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Gemini

One card tarot: Death

Gemini, it is time for rebirth. There are a lot of cards that denote change within a relationship, but Death is not one of them.

This means a total change if you are considering marriage with your partner.

This is a slow process; you may need to investigate further before acting on intrusive thoughts that you’ve been having.

However, this relationship will soon be tested in ways beyond repair, and it is best to spare your emotions before it all comes to a boiling point.

This union predicts misfortune.

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Should you get married one card tarot reading for Cancer

One card tarot: Nine of Cups

Cancer, I pulled the Nine of Cups for you, meaning that you are likely to have your wishes granted in this relationship.

You will likely have a fairytale wedding, filled with radiating smiles and beautiful candid photos that show off how in love you and your partner are.

You are with someone you can settle down, explore the world, and create your own family, and grow old with. This is a relationship that is meant to last.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Leo

One card tarot: Three of Cups

Leo, you are your partner thrive in social situations, which might be why you have marriage on the’ brain lately. Your wedding would be one that people wouldn’t forget. It’s true, you two make an excellent union.

I pulled the Three of Cups, which does denote that there have been some quarrels lately; this is something that you can easily resolve with your partner with an open mind and dialogue.

Don’t be so frustrated that there are some communication issues to the point of throwing in the towel; tackle the problem together. Remember, it’s you and your partner against the world, not against each other.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Virgo

One card tarot: The Empress

Virgo, if you’re looking to take your relationship to the next level, The Empress comes bearing good omens for the foreseeable future.

However, forever is not guaranteed with this card.

Your partner is enamored with you, drawing hearts around your name in notebooks and daydreaming about you every chance they get.

With marriage, this could change, as The Empress is associated with seasons, denoting changes.

This could also mean that the relationship will have many evolutions. This card might even be predicting an elopement.

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Should you get married one card tarot reading for Libra

One card tarot: Ten of Pentacles

Libra, the Ten of Pentacles predicts that not only is this a happy union, but that your partner will go the extra mile to ensure that you are always happy, healthy, and never without.

Your partner provides you with the care and support you’ve always needed.

You don’t need money in this relationship to feel an abundance of wealth. Be aware that family is important to your partner and that marrying them also means becoming part of their family.

This may make you uneasy, but if you want to help your partner feel just as supported as they made you try to integrate yourself in more events with their family.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Scorpio

One card tarot: The Emperor

Scorpio, it is very likely that this relationship will lead to marriage. But it is also just as likely that someone else will come in and sweep you off your feet.

Your partner likes to be in control; so do you. You may find them to be old-fashioned and even dull at times.

If you’re finding yourself bored in the relationship it may be best to back out before a commitment is made and you find yourself having a wandering eye for someone new.

Your partner just wants to take care of you. If you’re going to bed next to them and waking up disappointed, this isn’t going to change with marriage.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Sagittarius

One card tarot: The Magician

Sagittarius, if you’re asking yourself if you’re going to marry this partner, the answer is yes. The Magician comes to tell you that there is a spark between you; if it ever goes out it just needs a little nourishment to ignite again.

You two make magic happen; in your social life, when teaming together in business, and the bedroom.

This is a love you want to lock down, although that makes you intimidated as a Sagittarius as the thought of one monogamous partner for the rest of your life is a little daunting.

Marriage is likely in this relationship, however, with The Magician card that is subject to change.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Capricorn

One card tarot: Judgement

Capricorn, your card is Judgement. This relationship is likely to last, but please know, if it doesn’t result in a marriage that is only because there is something much better out there waiting for you to arrive.

Judgment is a very neutral card in a relationship pull, meaning that you could indeed be each other’s soulmates or the next big mistake in your life.

You have to figure out if marriage is something you could consider with your partner, dissecting their qualities, and wondering if they are satisfactory to continue with you for the rest of your life.

Ask yourself the tough question, Capricorn; are you settling?

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Should you get married one card tarot reading for Aquarius

One card tarot: King of Wands

Aquarius, you have a very secure partner, seen in the King of Wands.

That doesn’t mean they are easy to commit to and want to be with.

Your partner might poke and prod at what your fundamental beliefs are; they are trying to learn more about you but this feels like an attack on your very being.

Marriage is unlikely the best answer for you in this time with this partner, at least until you work out your frustrations and draw some boundaries.

You might also have some lingering thoughts about other people from your past that you have left to explore.

This might be the best time to put a pause on the relationship instead of considering moving forward.

Should you get married one card tarot reading for Pisces

One card tarot: Ace of Pentacles

Pisces, the Ace of Pentacles comes as a positive omen in your relationship.

This person has felt like a fresh start for you; you feel yourself becoming rooted in them and you’re starting to bud and blossom with the support of their love.

This is a nurturing relationship, and while it may be too early to commit to becoming united, it is a great idea to set a promise for the future.

Your partner may not be who you expected them to be, but isn’t that part of what makes them so wonderful to you?

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