What Is Drawing Down The Moon?

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What Is Drawing Down The Moon?

If you love a Full Moon, drawing the Moon down may pique your intrigue in pagan and Wiccan beliefs.

What is drawing down the Moon?

Drawing down the Moon involves a ritual that invites a goddess into the human experience.

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A unique way to show the connection between goddesses and human beings is by drawing the Moon down to produce high energy.

In this ritual, the practitioner, also known as the High Priestess, enters a trancelike state and speaks the words of the goddess being called down, as explained by Learn Religions.

Best performed outside on the night of a Full Moon, drawing the Moon down can be done in private or around a crowd.

To draw the Moon down is a pagan and Wiccan ritual that involves calling upon certain goddesses.

In these pagan rituals, the practitioner will invoke the spirit of a goddess into his or her body during the Moon drawing ceremony.

Performed alone or in front of a crowd, the High Priestess will feel a surge of energy that involves speaking for the goddess, and this is how you can tell that drawing down the Moon has been successful. They will most likely feel emotional and heavily connected to the spiritual realm for a few days after the Drawing down the Moon ceremony. 

Drawing down the Moon practices

Just like all rituals, there are several ways to conduct drawing down the Moon.

Depending on the High Priestess’ experience and preference of approach, they may have an altar or just face the Moon.

Most likely, they will stand with feet together and arms crossed over their chest.

It’s common to recite a prayer, mantra, or chant in order to call on the goddess when drawing down the Moon

Learn Religions suggests beginning with the following passage.

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Once the goddess has been acknowledged, the High Priestess will stand feet shoulder-width apart and raise arms up in a ‘Y’ transformation.

They will welcome the goddess into them and speak from the heart.

From here, it is believed that the High Priestess will feel a strong surge of energy that may result in a tingling sensation.

The goddess has now entered the body of the High Priestess and will begin to speak on her own volition.

In some cases, the High Priestess may choose to memorize some statements that the goddess would speak.

Affirmations for drawing down the Moon are readily available online:

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After the High Priestess and/or goddess have finished speaking, the High Priestess will bask in the energy they feel.

The experience undoubtedly takes a toll on their emotions.

Once the energy begins to subside, they will lower their arms and finish the rest of the ritual at hand.

Who can draw down the Moon?

Anyone is able to draw the Moon down, however, it will take a good amount of practice and perseverance.

Ancient ritual reveals that drawing down the Moon is a form of enchantment or magic and you have to be devoted to the goddess.

Chances are you won’t succeed the first few attempts you make at drawing down the Moon.

That said, if and when you find success in drawing down the Moon, there are important things to remember.

You must surrender yourself so that the goddess being called upon can lead the ceremony through you.

Although drawing the Moon down is considered to be a type of possession, it is not in the demonic sense that we might be used to.

Quite the opposite, Wiccans don’t even believe in the existence of the devil.

Rather, this experience is closely related to self-hypnosis.

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It is said that “the effects of drawing the Moon might be very subtle, since we all have different degrees of sensitivity to energy.”

There is a certain level of preparation that must be done in order to fully surrender to the goddess.

Meditation is part of this ritual, and it prepares the mind in advance for surrender when invoking the goddess and drawing the Moon down. So, meditating every day a week before the Full Moon helps to partner with the intense energy as it grows.

It’s also beneficial to “eat only clean food and make daily offerings to the goddess that you are going to invoke.”

Take a purification bath the night before and dress up as the goddess as a way to become more connected with her.

Drawing the Moon down will be more successful if you have the right mindset.

By expressing gratitude to the goddess before, during, and after drawing the Moon down, you are giving an appropriate offering.

The last important thing to know is that there are possible side effects to drawing the Moon down.

Due to its intense nature, it’s normal to be highly emotional and can cause your dreams to awaken or your sense to feel intensely alert.

This is nothing to worry about but just further validation that the goddess was within you.

These unique experiences will go away with time.

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As always, one of the best ways to learn more about certain practices and beliefs is to read about them.

There are many books and articles that aim to answer questions about this pagan and Wiccan ritual.

Books that talk about drawing the Moon down:

  • Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America by Margot Adler
  • Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick) by Raymond Buckland
  • Drawing Down The Moon: Book One of James Island Trilogy by Shawn Keller Cooper
  • Drawing Down the Moon: Magic in the Ancient Greco-Roman World by Radcliffe G. Edmonds III

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