5 Full Moon Spells

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5 Full Moon Spells

The full moon has always been a symbol of transformation and many witches cast spells during this lunar phase.

Witches across history have performed rituals for the full moon, more often than celebrating any other moon phases.

What Full Moon spells are done?

Full Moon spells include manifestation spells for healing, money, or love.

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It has even been recorded in Thessaly that witches would practice extracting the juices of the moon under the full moonlight, known as drawing down the moon.

We have seen it across folklore in many cultures, perhaps the most notable is the story of lycanthropy or the curse of being a werewolf.

Although I don’t adhere to traditional practices, I acknowledge the power the moon holds.

If we look at cold hard science facts, we can see that the moon holds great influence over us on earth.

The moon’s gravitational pull influences the rise and falls of our ocean’s tides.

The moon may not influence humans to the extent of this natural phenomenon, but we are composed mainly of water, and we still feel its influence.

Today, in modern witchcraft, many witches still charge their crystals under the full moon.

Witches cleansing their stones of any residual energy that no longer services the stone or its owner and collecting the higher vibrations from the moon.

There is also a practice of collecting magical moon water, sometimes seasoned with herbs and enchantments, as a tool to use for later spell work.

Covens that work together organize gatherings for the full moon, finding that it is a potent time for spell work, which is believed to work best in large numbers of people.

The following is my personal ritual for transformation and healing under the full moon.

Like all spellwork, take what services you and leave the rest.

There is no one true way to practice magic.

Nothing is a mistake if you placed it with intention.

You don’t have to be religious to pray and you certainly don’t have to be a witch to cast a spell under the light of the moon.

With this, you don’t have to practice a spell perfectly, as written, with the materials listed by your source.

Magic comes from within, it’s what you make of it.

You write your rules, you set your own standard; the beauty of spellwork is that it is unique to the individual.

Here are five Full Moon spells and their rituals to try:

1. Full Moon spell: recharging spell

Find a location in nature to perform your spell.

I would advise that this be somewhere outside where you have a view of the moon itself.

However, I know some people have restricted spacing, and let’s be honest after a long day sometimes we just want to be in the comfort of our homes.

If that’s the case, find your favorite chair by a window or sit on your front steps.

You want to be able to see the moon if you can or at least be in a path of receiving its energy.

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2. Full Moon spell: release spell

Light a candle.

I would suggest this to be a simple tea light candle; it would be a very powerful spell if you had the time to let the candle burn to completion, so I would stay away from a big, bulky Yankee Candle.

If it serves you, try a stick of incense instead.

As you light your flame, set your intention. Say it out loud or in your head as firmly as you can; leave no room for interpretation.

Find what you want to manifest for this lunar cycle and what you can let go of that is no longer making you happy.

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3. Full Moon spell: healing spell

Journaling is one of our most powerful tools and is so often overlooked!

Write on a piece of paper or in a notebook everything you can think of based on the intentions you set.

Draw your ideal life if you’re an artist, make a list if you like to stay organized.

Create on the page your best expression of what you want your life to look like, even if it seems whimsical.

If you are seeking to heal, describe on this page what this process to recovery looks like for you.

Is forgiveness involved, or is it better to focus on cord-cutting? Do you ask to heal your ancestral traumas or the energies you can’t quite pinpoint? Write about what you are ready to release from your life.

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4. Full Moon spell: inner child spell

Say a prayer for this spell to work.

If you have a higher power this is a great time to make connections with them.

However, you don’t have to believe in something else to pray. Pray to yourself if you don’t find comfort in an outside source.

Personally, I like to say a prayer to my inner child; they’re the one who needs the most healing.

Pinpoint yourself at the age you were hurt and tell them what they need to hear to get through their pain.

Reveal to them the future that lies ahead, give them the advice you wish you knew.

That ghost of you still lives within you and it’s important to face them.

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5. Full Moon spell: grounding spell

End your spell.

Take a moment to ground yourself. Do you feel the need to cry? Allow yourself this moment to go through with this release.

You are entitled to your feelings, you are allowed to grieve over any pain you feel.

These tears represent the energy leaving your body.

If you’re outdoors, take your shoes off and plant your feet on the ground.

Notice how the earth feels under you, the security that you are secure on the ground.

Steady your breathing. Even listening to a mediation track (I suggest a Reiki by proxy video) could be powerful.

When you’re ready, end the spell. Thank the moon for its energy, thank whoever you prayed to, and fold up your paper/shut your notebook.

Give in and believe that what’s best for you is coming.

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