10 White Magic Spells That Work

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10 White Magic Spells That Work getty

White Magic spells can work, but you may not know how to use this type of energy.

White Magic is a type of magic that brings good energy towards you and puts good energy into the universe.

Some people become curious about spell casting when they have a need, are looking for true love or want to manifest money.

Why use white magic spells?

White Magic promotes kindness and positivity. It is the opposite of black magic, which promotes darkness, selfishness, and negativity.


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Witchcraft involves performing spells that help show the universe what you want and then bring your intentions back to you.

You may use white magic spells to manifest your goals and wishes.


If you are looking to spread love, get rid of negativity, or even feel more beautiful, then there are some very simple spells that help you with that.

Here are 10 white magic spells that are very easy to do, and they work:

1. White magic mirror messages spell

When you are near a mirror, window, or any surface that has fog on it, you can use it to write down your intention.

You can draw a sigil (which is a symbol that represents a meaning or goal) or even write a couple of words that summarize what you want.

It is a simple and easy spell that you use with your finger against the condensation.

As the water evaporates, your message gets delivered to the universe.


You can even use it on a car window to ensure that you will travel safely.

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2. White magic share love spell

If you are around someone that is in a bad mood and needs to cheer up, you can secretly give them a boost of love and positivity.

When you are near them, simply draw a heart on a surface that is closest to them.

For example, if your boss needs some uplifting then you can draw a heart on a folder they keep near their desk.

If your friend is having a hard time, you can draw a heart on a piece of paper in their bedroom.

Either way, it is a simple and easy way to spread your love with the people you care for.


3. White magic wash negativity away spell

It is best to do this spell after you encounter a troubling or negative situation.

If you have a hard conversation with someone, get bad news, or are going through a breakup then this spell helps you get rid of the bad vibrations.

All you have to do is close your eyes, imagine that water is rushing over you, and the negative energy is melting away.

You can imagine that you are standing in the rain or taking a shower, just feel the bad energy wash away.

If it is difficult for you to imagine, you can even take a shower and visualize that you are scrubbing negativity away.

Regardless, just picture the negativity leaving and it will.


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4. White magic feel beautiful spell

If you want to boost your confidence and feel beautiful, then this is the spell for you!

It is great to do this spell before you are going on a date or about to see your love interest. However, you can use it anytime that you boost your physical appearance.

If you are feeling self-conscious or simply aren’t feeling your best, then this is easy to do and will put you in a great mood.

All you have to do is light a candle in the space where you are getting ready.

Just let it burn doing your hair, putting makeup on, getting dressed, and going through your getting ready routine.


When you are all put together, simply look in the mirror and recognize your beauty.

Take a moment to really appreciate how pretty you are inside and outside. Then, put out the candle. Go out and get ready to feel and look great!

5. White magic wind spell

When you feel wind blow by you, take a moment to send out a wish with the air.

Close your eyes and put out an intention, affirmation, or goal.

Your wish will travel with the wind and the universe will hear it.

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6. White magic jar of intentions

Find a jar and put it somewhere where you will notice it every day.

Next to the jar, place some note cards or pieces of paper along with a pen.


Whenever you have a goal or wish, write it down and put it in the jar. You can write anything you wish for.

It can be something specific like “I want to get a new job in the next two weeks” or something vague like “happiness.”

Keeping these intentions in a jar will help you manifest them until they become true.

Whenever you want to look over or add some energy to your wishes, pull out a piece of paper and visualize it coming true.

You can also take out any wishes that you no longer need or want.

7. White magic crystal spell

Before you go to sleep, lay out some crystals that align with your goals and wishes for the following day.

You can Google what different crystals mean so you know which ones to select.


You can even just pick crystals that you feel a connection to regardless of their meaning. Just go with your intuition and gut when picking your crystals.

Then, put the crystals you have chosen on your side table near your bed.

Before falling asleep, close your eyes and focus on what you want to accomplish tomorrow.

Let your intentions float into the sky. Leave your crystals there until the next morning and you can wake up feeling connected to your intentions and feeling more centered.

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8. White magic charged water spell

You can use the energy from the Moon, Sun, and universe to charge your water.


Water that is charged means that you are adding powerful and positive energy into it.

You can do this by leaving a container of water in the sun or moonlight for an extended amount of time.

For example, you can simply put a glass of water on your windowsill and let it charge.

Take a moment before stepping away from the water, to picture good energy flowing through it.

When you return to the water after a couple of hours, drink from it and the good energy will flow through you.


9. White magic energy spell

If you are looking for more energy or a feeling of calmness, this is a great spell to do.

The energy spell connects your body and breath to magic. Create a safe space and then get comfortable in a seated position or even lay down, whatever makes you feel more connected to your body.

Close your eyes and focus on what you want, whether it is more energy or calmness.

Relaxing Energy

If you want to feel more relaxed, focus on your breath and visualize calm energy with every inhale and exhale.

Feel the peace coming in. Breathe in normally and then exhale at a very slow rate.

After inhaling and exhaling five times, open your eyes and sink into your newfound calmness.


Heightened Energy

If you want to feel more energy, connect to a warm and bubbly energy when you breathe.

Focus on extending your inhales and shortening your exhales.

Also, do this for five breaths and then feel the enthusiasm you now have.

10. White magic attract money spell

Place a green crystal in or on top of your wallet. Any green crystal works because green represents abundance and financial stability.

You may also use a citrine crystal as it represents manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Carry your crystal around your wallet and you will attract money.

Watch as money flows into your life.

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