What Is Witchcraft & Wicca + How To Become A Good Witch

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What Is Witchcraft & Wicca + How To Become A Good Witch

When most people think of witchcraft, they base it off of how witches are portrayed in the media or what it means to be a Wiccan.

What is witchcraft and Wicca? And how do you become a good witch?

Witchcraft is a lot more complicated than it sometimes seems.

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There is more to being a witch than just doing spells and reading tarot cards or checking a zodiac sign astrology chart.

The practice of witchcraft is used to achieve goals, control your energy, and learn about the world around you.

What is Wicca?

Witchcraft is very similar to Wicca, but they are not the same. Someone can be a witch, but that doesn’t mean that they are a Wiccan. Wicca is a religion but Witchcraft is not.

Wicca is about finding peace, harmony, and balance to connect with the divine.

Wicca involves having a great appreciation for nature and the world around you. Wicca can simply just be appreciating a sunset or what Mother Earth has to offer.

Wicca is a system of beliefs rooted in pre-Christian rituals that started in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

Based on our discoveries of ancient art, it is said that Witchcraft is one of the longest standing belief systems that are still present today.

In these ancient times, Witchcraft was termed “The Craft of the Wise '' because most who practiced were connected to nature, knowledgeable about medicines and herbs, and helped heal people in their communities.

They believed that people are not more important than nature, earth, and animals, but instead, everything works in unison to create the one pictured.

Instead of believing we have ownership of nature, we are one with the Earth. They believed that if you take something from nature then you must work to return it back in order to restore peace and balance.

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During the Old Stone Age, people praised a Hunter God and a Fertility Goddess. Wiccans today still show their respect to the God and Goddess deities by worshipping them throughout the year.

These festivals that worship God are known as Sabbats, while the Goddess is praised during every Full Moon on holidays called Esbats.

These rituals make up the Wheel of the Year and Wiccans take part in “turning” when they take note of the natural process of planting, growth, harvesting, and dying.

Wiccans believe that death is a natural part of growth because the old should bring in the new.

They also believe that the dark part of the Moon, before it becomes new again, is just as significant as the light part of the Moon.

The light half and dark half of the calendar year, are separated by Summer and Winter solstices.

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How to be a good witch

In order to be a good witch, it is very important that you take accountability for your actions.

We do not hold others responsible for our own faults, mishaps, and flaws.

If we make a mistake then it is no one's fault but our own and we have to come to terms with that.

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We work together with nature. We work alongside the seasons, and lunar phases to revel in our otherworldliness. We stay true to the process of living in harmony and striving for equilibrium with the world around us.

When doing spells, we good witches set intentions that pertain to love, harmony, mending, imagination, and understanding.

Our hope is to better understand and utilize the innate remedies of the Earth instead of relying on man-made concoctions.

We believe that the spirit of one is in everything. So, we are kind to everything that belongs to this Earth. We are respectful to nature and all of its creatures.

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We work alongside the cycles of the Moon, Sun, and seasons as well as the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

We believe in religious freedom. We also believe in your right to believe in whatever it is you connect with. We are not trying to convert anyone or forcing anyone else to see things from our own perspective.

Everyone has free will and free thought. Wicca and witchcraft are not a cult nor are we trying to get followers. However, we do not devote ourselves to Satan or work with Demons.

The idea of Satan was created by the Christian religion. Instead, we simply choose to do the right thing instead of being guided to do what is right out of fear of an evil superior.

We do not harm others by hexing or cursing anyone. We also do not hurt animals or other people. We are simply guided by trying to add kindness and help to the world around us.

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