Moth Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Moths

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Who would have thought a moth would be counted among the totem animals or hold spiritual meaning? In the eyes of some, a moth is just an ugly butterfly, but according to science, moths aren't butterflies at all.

While a butterfly isn't nocturnal, a moth is, so that's one thing that differs the two insects from one another. And while there are over 160,000 species of moth, to be exact, just like all things in life, they have a spiritual meaning to them.

Moth Symbolism and Meanings

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of a moth, it's similar to that of a butterfly, but we've already established that the two insects are different from one another.

Moths represent transformation, resurrection, wisdom, concealment, determination, vulnerability, and weakness. In symbolizing change, the spiritual meaning of moths is accepting that change instead of hiding from it, having faith that you will eventually see the light.

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Moth Encounters and Omens

When you see a moth, don't be alarmed — it is not a bad omen. While society has taught us to believe that moths are scary creatures who bring signs of negative future events, they are actually bringing you a message: change is coming.

A moth flying around in your home is an indication of a few things: your deceased ancestors or relatives are visiting; a warning that your enemies seek to see you harmed; there is or will be a fight or dissolution of your relationship.

What Does it Mean if a Moth Lands on You

A moth landing on you is a reminder and message to trust your gut and follow your instincts. Rather than seeking validation from external sources, trust yourself and listen to your heart, knowing that you are in control of your success.

But the meaning of a moth landing on you can changed based on your personal issues or experiences.

If you're struggling with your own self-esteem, a moth landing on you means you must take the appropriate steps to find the confidence you deserve; if you are experiencing relationship troubles, a moth landing on you means you first need to love yourself and heal any trauma you have before you fix your relationship.

Meanings of Moths of Different Colors

Just like other insects and creatures with spiritual meanings, the color of the moth you see determines the message being delivered to you.

Brown Moth Meaning

Brown moths are extremely common and symbolize interpersonal issues — specifically, with a mother or mother figure. Brown moths also symbolize financial issues, the simplicity of life, or the desire to fulfill our desires that may seem impossible.

White Moth Meaning

The color white symbolizes purity and prosperity, but can also represent the light to which moths are drawn. White moths represent your spiritual energy, and how you act as a light in the lives of those you meet.

Black Moth Meaning

Black moths are associated with concealment and unintentionally suppressing your success. A black moth can serve as a message that you must do what you can to reclaim your power, and make that big change you've been putting off.

Yellow or Gold Moth Meaning

Associated with your identity and manifestation energy, seeing a yellow or gold moth is a message to take the leap and stop putting off your goals or ambitions. Yellow or gold moths are signs of encouragement meant to push you forward.

Blue Moth Meaning

A rare sight, blue moths represent a message from the divine, whether it's from your spirit guide or another divine presence.

Green Moth Meaning

Luna moths are commonly green, representing things that are hidden right in front of your eyes. When you seek answers to your questions, you don't need to look far; all it takes is some inward looking.

Orange Moth Meaning

Seeing an orange moth is a warning that you're neglecting your emotional responses, instead using logic and reason; it can also mean that your emotional responses are a bit reckless to the needs of others. But an orange moth also is a signal to trust your intuition.

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Moth Meaning in Dreams

When you see a moth in your dreams, it can represent many things.

First, seeing a moth in your dreams signifies the need to stop finding validation through material goods, and find that same fulfillment from within. Take a few steps back, assess yourself, make changes to what you don't like, and move forward.

When you see a moth in your dreams, it also means to pay attention to the details in life. This will help you find the answers to some of the questions you've been looking for all this time.

A moth appearing in your dream can also be a warning that your inner truth is on the horizon, but only if you take the steps to get there. Consider a moth in your dreams your guide.

Moth Meaning as a Spirit or Totem Animal

A spirit animal is a guide in life, directing us in the right direction while teaching us lessons. Totem animals are the spirit guides we call upon to guide us. Both are considered guardians or protectors, and help us walk through life without failing to acknowledge our higher purpose.

Having a moth as a spirit animal is a warning to be wary of those around you, meaning you are giving too much of yourself to the wrong company. At the same time, this guide is sending a message to hone in on your intuition and psychic abilities, finding clarity and confidence in the process.

If your spirit animal is a moth, this also represents a journey in your future.

A moth totem animal, on the other hand, is a spirit you invoke when you need optimism and hope. These totem animals signify the importance of welcoming all the positives into your life, and attracting your deep desires.

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Moth Spiritual Meaning in Christianity

In Christianity, moths appear in the Bible in the form of allegory.

Matthew 6:19-20 says, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal."

Moths and rust are compared to thieves; all destroy things that are expensive and cannot be replaced, but an "investment" in heaven cannot be stolen.

In addition, because the Bible mentions moths attracted to light, this created somewhat of a myth in the religion that moths are associated with ressurection. However, as a spiritual meaning, moths symbolizing resurrection is similar to that of transformation.

Moth Symbolism in Mythology and Folklore

In mythology, moths symbolize the inner soul seeking out truth; moths are attracted to the light, meaning divination. Another interpretation in mythology is that moths are the "souls" of the dead who fly at night and search for light.

In some mythological representations and folklore, a moth can symbolize the spirit of a deceased relative or ancestor; this means moths should not be harmed and instead removed, otherwise the spirit will be vengeful.

Moth Meaning in Different Cultures

While some cultures believe that moths represent death or the afterlife, this isn't in a negative connotation. In fact, death represents something ending so another event can begin.

Moth Native American Symbolism

In Native American culture, moths represent messengers or angels who have been sent from the spirit world. The moths deliver messages from loved ones or ancestors who have passed on.

Moths also represent death, a transformation in itself.

Moth Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic culture, moths symbolize death and decay, but not with positive overtones; rather, moths come with a dark side. Even in Celtic literature, moths are associated with death, and a moth in the home would signify a death of someone in the family living there.

Moth Tattoo Meaning

While many people get butterfly tattoos in memory of a loved one, or to represent metamorphosis, moths have a very similar symbolism.

Just like moths are drawn to the light, a moth tattoo represents the ambition found in following your dreams, experiencing a transformation or change, and overcoming a tough time in life.

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