How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides To Help Your Life

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Woman connecting with her spirit guides

Spirit guides are always there to help us, but there are also ways that we can help them help us become better.

First of all, it's important to know that although spirit guides are always there to help, it's you who runs the show.

They are there to help you, but cannot go against your wishes even if it could harm you. They cannot interfere with your free will and they will try their best to give you signs and steer you away from harm. 

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But your choices are always in your control. You're always driving the car, while they are more of a backseat passenger that's trying to help you.

Our spirit guides have a bigger perspective from where they are and can see things that you may not be able to.

That's why building the best relationship you can with them can be so helpful. If you're really connected to them, it can be sort of like a cheat sheet through life.

Spirit guides can save a lot of mishaps and trouble — if you listen, that is. Most people get so many signs from their spirit guides that they just ignore or downplay.

Be sure to always listen to any intuitive messages or feelings.

Start trusting yourself and your spirit guides more. The more you trust yourself and your intuition, the stronger and more helpful it gets.

First, try to set up a specific consistent time to connect with your spirit guides. Many like to do this right before bed or first thing in the morning because the connection can be easier.

You can meditate with the intention of connecting to them. Really be open and pay attention to any thoughts and feelings.

Keep a journal and write anything you get down. Looking back on what you write down can be so helpful later on.

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It may not make sense in that moment, but after time has passed it will be clearer. And seeing things in hindsight can help you to see the messages in the right way ahead of time next time.

It's like learning the language of your spirit guides and becoming fluent in it to make things easier for you. This is an important dance and learning process, just like any relationship.

Over time, you'll start to remember what their presence feels like, so when they're trying to help you, you can pick up on it easier.

As you get more comfortable with your spirit guides, use the time to connect with them to be really clear on what you want. The clearer and more specific you are, the better they can help you.

One thing that's very important is to make sure your actions line up with your thoughts about what you want.

Our actions and what we physically do will always outweigh our thoughts.

So, if you're telling your spirit guides you want a partner who treats you right but are allowing and staying with a partner who doesn't treat you right, your guides can only help you stay with someone that treats you wrong, because that's what you are showing you really want.

Our free will can never be interfered with, so what your actions are showing you want is what your guide will help you to continue with.

This can also cause us to ask a negative spirit guide to help us do things that aren't good for us, which can be frustrating.

So, it's vital to really be sure your actions match up with what you really want. Don't say you want one thing but do something that doesn't match that.

What and who you allow around you is a big part of our actions speaking for us.

Don't allow anyone or anything around you that doesn't match up with what you want. So, if you're really clear with them on what you want and are taking actions to match that, then your guides can help you tremendously!

Like everything in life, being clear on what you want and showing that in your actions is so important.

Really open up to and connect with your guides, it is so beneficial. The more you do, the more help you can get from them.

Use your power and free will with your guides' help and create the life you want now! You're in control!

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