Why You Keep Seeing Flies & What A Fly Means Spiritually

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Why You Keep Seeing Flies & What A Fly Means Spiritually

When you see flies constantly in your home or at work, or in a dream it can mean something spiritually for your life.

During the Vice Presidential debate on October 7, 2020, a fly made a 2-minute appearance and landed on the head of Vice President Mike Pence. This caused many users on Twitter and elsewhere to wonder what the deeper meaning of a fly might be.

Why is seeing a fly spiritually meaningful?

To see or dream about a fly can help you understand your emotions, decisions you’ve made in the past, and decisions you will make in the future.

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As great as this is it takes time to understand reoccurring themes in your dreams.

It’s not easy to take your dreams as literally as they appeared when you were sleeping.

Because we are unconscious when we sleep, our brain uses images, sequences, and sensations to convey a feeling. Things may not seem as simple as they appeared

A common theme many people see in their dreams is seeing a fly.

Flies are considered pests in many societies and their presence in your dreams can be interpreted as pestering feeling deep inside you about a person or a certain situation that you are in.

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Although this can be alarming, it’s helpful to know in order to identify your feelings about something going on in your life.

If you are someone who sees flies in their dreams, it’s important to try to think of the situations in your life that may be good be causing these feelings

The special thing about dreams is that there can be so many different interpretations of it and sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what your feelings are exactly.

Here are 5 emotions that can be understood through the presence of flies, and what seeing or dreaming about a fly can mean spiritually:

1. Spiritual meaning of a fly — anxiety

Flies in someone’s dream can symbolize a sense of underlying anxiety.

Anxiety usually felt when someone feels like something bad will happen to them and they are uncertain how.

Just because they feel this way doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen because it's just a feeling.

This is how anxiety usually gets the best of us and makes us become irrational.

This feeling was symbolized in the dream because there is likely a present situation in life that you push to the back of your mind because you are afraid of it.

The anxiety can become repressed and show itself in your dreams and unconscious thoughts.

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2. Spiritual meaning of a fly — irritation

Irritation is another common emotion associated with flies.

Every day we encounter many people and situations that rub the wrong way.

We become irritated very easily, and that irritation is simply pushed to the back of our minds as we continue along our day.

That feeling never leaves us until we address it and that's why it's possible for this to reveal itself in someone's dream.

The reason why flies can be used to symbolize irritation is that Flies are considered pests to humans and their presence disrupts and distracts us.

If this was present in a dream it's likely there was a recent situation in which the person was irritated and didn’t address it correctly (which causes it to become an underlying feeling).

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3. Spiritual meaning of a fly — frustration

Frustration is a normal feeling that has a way of getting the best of us.

We work very hard to achieve our goals and when something or someone stands in the way, it causes us to feel defeated.

This emotion can be fleeting depending on the situation at hand. A large obstacle can cause this feeling to linger and pop up in our dreams.

Flies can be interpreted as frustration because flies are insects that are hard to catch and get rid of.

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If there was a goal or plan that someone had that was delayed because of an obstacle, this can cause them to feel very frustrated inside.

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4. Spiritual meaning of a fly — guilt

Guilt can be symbolized by flies because guilt is a feeling that comes and goes that basically eats us up inside.

When we behave in a way that we regret, there is no way to turn back in time and act differently.

We have to address our guilt and when it weighs too heavy on us, we push it to the back of our minds.

Guilt is a feeling that is associated with flies because swarms of flies have the power to engulf someone and cause an extremely unpleasant feeling all over you.

It is likely that this feeling of guilt came from shame the person has for the way they acted in a certain situation.

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5. Spiritual meaning of a fly — fear

Fear is based on a natural instinct we have to protect ourselves.

When we come across a situation that makes us fearful, we feel a sense of dread come over us.

Whether the fear is something physical, emotional, or social, it permeates in the back of our mind in order to protect our psyche.

Fear is also associated with flies because they swarm around areas of rotten items and dead things.

This can represent a sense of fear or anxiety in someone’s life where they feel like there is impending doom.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that anything bad will happen. But simply what the emotions represent.

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