5 Reasons Why Aquarius Is So Fake

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5 Reasons Why Aquarius Is So Fake

If you're anything like me and have come across an Aquarius, then you're probably wondering why they're so fake?

I'm here to explain that to you, so let's walk through it together.

Aquarius zodiac signs come across as fake because they don't always let you in.

They are free-spirited individuals who love people but they also don't want to feel limited by anyone else's expectations.

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An Aquarius is someone that's born anytime from January 21st to February 18th, and even though this zodiac sign is easy to get along with, they aren't easy to get close to.

The sign of an Aquarius is the 11th out of the 12 different zodiac signs.

An Aquarius is also an air sign and the last air sign that there is in the zodiac year.

Just like the other 11 zodiac signs, an Aquarius has its unique personality traits that help to complete who they are as a person.

Of course, personality traits are going to range from person to person, but from a general standpoint, most, if not all Aquarians experience the same things.

1. Aquarius is so fake because of how assertive they are.

When an Aquarius is in their tracks, there's no stopping them regardless of how hard you try.

The thing with being assertive is that it means that you either have or show a confident or powerful personality, which is something that Aquarians possess without a doubt.

In this situation, an Aquarius shows how fake they are because they could be confident in something that you have to say or with something that you do, but then they think of something that's a million times more clever, and it makes you wonder if they were on your side at all.

An Aquarius doesn't need you to boost their confidence, but they'll most likely thank you for doing such anyway and then will disregard everything that you just said.

This could come off as fake because you could think that an Aquarius genuinely cares about what you have to say, but they don't care at all.

Another thing with an Aquarius is that they're able to stick up for themselves and others in a calm yet collective matter since they're so confident in what they have to say that they don't care about what others have to say.

This could come off as being fake because, as I just mentioned, you could think that they're listening to you and that they care, but they don't care.

A typical Aquarius will care more about their overall well being than about being your friend, so that's another way that they could come off as being fake.

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2. Another reason Aquarius is so fake is that they're too independent for you to handle.

The thing with an Aquarius is that they want to do their own thing without being told what to do.

In this situation, an Aquarius is fake because they could agree to do one thing, but then they switch up on you and go off to do their own thing without warning most of the time.

As I've mentioned earlier, it seems like an Aquarius is on your level in terms of independence, but they're not on your level most of the time since they'll always find a way to be even more independent than you are, which contributes to them being fake.

One second, they need you, but the next second, they swear that they've got it under control, even when they don't actually have it under control.

This causes them to be fake because of the mixed-signals that they're sending, so now you don't know how to act around them.

You would think that they would need some consoling from time to time.

But when an Aquarius swears that they have something under control when they don't, I'd be wary of believing them when it comes to what they have to say.

They might be independent, but they're never too good to accept help from others.

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3. Aquarians are fake because of how easy going they are.

With an Aquarius, they could make a plan to do something that's completely fine. But, if little old Mary over there in the corner suggests something better, they'll go with what Mary has to say.

This contributes to an Aquarius being fake because you think that they're going to do one thing, but then they end up doing another thing, which shows that they don't necessarily hold true to their words.

This shows that they can't be trusted, not because they're doing something better, but because they can't seem to make up their mind due to how easy going they are.

While it's completely fine to change your mind from time to time, it's just a tad bit concerning when one constantly changes their mind.

I'd be wary when around an Aquarius, but that's just me.

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4. Another explanation for Aquarian fakeness is because they're cold and condescending.

One second, you could think that an Aquarius is your friend, but the next second, they're cold and condescending towards you.

It's hard for you to read their mind since you're not a mind reader, nor am I expecting you to be a mind reader.

This causes them to be fake because of how they act towards you.

I get that they're trying to be real with you, but that doesn't mean that they get to be cold and condescending.

Being honest is a thing, and that doesn't require being cold or condescending.

While I completely appreciate it when someone is honest with me, I don't want them to be cold and condescending with me. Back it up, girlfriend.

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5. Aquarius is so fake because of how unpredictable they are.

One second, they have a plan in place. Alright, cool, going with a plan.

But the next second, they could pull out something random from what seems like thin air and then make that their new plan.

They could've had this mystery plan in the works for ages and not have told you about it, or they could've thought about it last minute, which is something that you should be a little nicer to them about.

The thing is, when someone's unpredictable, you never know what they're going to do next or what they're thinking or what they're going to say, so it makes it hard to trust them.

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