Best Colors For Scorpio Zodiac Signs

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Best Colors For Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Color therapy and power colors are something everyone should try, especially if they are looking to add a boost of confidence during a special occasion.

Scorpios are one of the most passionate, emotional, and mysterious signs in the zodiac, it only makes sense to only wear the best color or shade that matches this intense personality type.

So, what is the best color for Scorpio?

In astrology, Scorpio is a sign born after the winter solstice which is associated with bolder and warmer tones.

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When looking for a color, you have to consider the personality of a zodiac sign. Scorpio zodiac signs value honesty and dedication and are full of surprises.

When you meet a Scorpio or if you are one, the word "passionate" often comes to mind because of their commitment. No other zodiac sign will go to such great lengths in order to help the people that they love.

Along with Cancers and Pisces, Scorpios are water signs.

Scorpio is a water sign known for having big feelings and big imaginations.

They are able to absorb the moods of others and have to work harder than signs in other elements to keep their personal boundaries.

Within the water element, Scorpios are fixed signs. This means that they want everything around them to remain stable.

When things do change, they do everything in their power to make them go back to the way they were.

This means they can be focused, determined, and stable, but they can also be stubborn and egotistical.

Scorpios are ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars.

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Because Pluto is associated with death and rebirth, darkness, and the subconscious, Scorpios have a dark side.

They find power in being able to get in touch with their unconscious selves.

Pluto being one of the ruling planets for Scorpio means that during Scorpio season, other signs are able to use Pluto’s power to connect with themselves.

The planet Mars allows Scorpios to get to where they need to go. It enhances their drive, ambition, and determination to be good at anything they do.

Some of the most important things to a Scorpio are their careers and money, love, and power.

Different colors have the ability to bring forth positivity into those categories and many others, giving Scorpios the almost-perfect life that they desire.

Best color for Scorpio — attract career and money


Whatever Scorpios desire to have, they put their mind to making sure they get it. They are business people, known to not mix business with pleasure.

Because of their focus, they are incredible planners and managers. When it comes to money, they are careful with their spending and are good at budgeting.

They feel that money gives them a sense of control since it is in their power whether or not it gets spent.

They make careful decisions before investing in anything and are not afraid to work hard to put themselves in a better financial position.

Red is the perfect color for a Scorpio’s career and financial aspect of their life.

Red represents energy, determination, and passion. All three of those go hand-in-hand with Scorpio’s longing to be successful.

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Best color for Scorpio — attract love


Despite being hard to reach, Scorpios value intimacy.

They take their time when building new relationships because they have to take their time when determining whether or not they trust their partners.

Scorpios are very compatible with other water signs because they are able to be completely vulnerable and understanding with one another.

Scorpios need a partner who understands them on a deeper level and can handle the competitive edge that they bring to a relationship.

A good color for Scorpio’s love life is blue. Blue represents intimacy and connection. It is associated with building quality, meaningful relationships, and attracts sincere people.

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Best color for Scorpio — attract friendship


Scorpios are great friends and family members.

They are fair and also honest and loyal. They prefer to be around people who are competitive and quick-witted the same way that they are.

Scorpios will give the people that they care about anything they want or need.

They are always quick to take care of them and make sure they are satisfied. Scorpios expect to receive the same energy that they give.

Once you cross a Scorpio, there is no turning back. They will stay by your side through anything, but once you betray them, there is no turning back.

The color pink represents friendship and affection. It goes along perfectly with the way that Scorpios approach relationships with friends and family.

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Best color for Scorpio — attract protection


Because they are so emotional, Scorpios require a lot of protection.

It does not always have to be from outside influences, but they need a sense of security and control at all times about everything.

The color brown symbolizes protection and safe-keeping.

Like Scorpios, brown is a serious but friendly, warm color.

It can give Scorpios the control that they have to have to feel safe and complete.

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Best color for Scorpio — attract power


Scorpios hold a lot of power and they are not unaware of it or afraid to use it.

Sometimes, they use the power that they have to manipulate others so they can get what they want.

Being ruled by Mars, they are natural-born leaders and have been using their power since birth.

It is an astrological fact that Scorpios hold a lot of power and mystery in their eyes.

Because their eyes are so captivating, they are able to use them as a tool to get all of their desires.

Purple is the perfect color for Scorpio’s power. Purple is the color of royalty, sophistication, and mystery.

Purple is combined with the stability of the color blue and the fierce energy of the color red.

All of these things correlate with the specific, delicate needs for Scorpios.

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Best color for Scorpio — attract luck


Because of how hard-working they are, Scorpios may not believe that luck has anything to do with their success.

Scorpios' most lucky days tend to be Tuesdays and Thursdays and their lucky numbers are 3, 4, and 9.

These are all factors of the luck that Scorpios do indeed have. Yellow is one of Scorpio’s lucky colors.

It represents happiness and optimism. It is the color of sunlight and brings forth creativity and enthusiasm.

Along with yellow, red, and orange also bring luck to Scorpios. All three of these colors have strong energy and attract positivity.

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