How Gemini Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign Now & For The Rest Of 2020, According To Astrology

You have to consciously choose to create the life you desire.

How Gemini Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign Now & For The Rest Of 2020, According To Astrology getty

Gemini season begins on May 20th, reminding us that everything in life comes down to a choice. Sun in Gemini is arriving in the midst of several retrograding planets, reminding us that the choice of anything is always ours.

In astrology, Gemini is an air sign that's represented by the twins, signifying the duality of this sign. And while we're going to experiencr multiple retrogrades, because of the cerebral activity that Gemini brings we’ll be making the most of this time, thinking over and reflecting on important issues and themes.


What does Sun in Gemini mean for you, regardless of your zodiac sign?

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Gemini season runs from May 20th to June 20th, bringing an important energy of choice to the themes these retrograding planets will bring into our lives. And it all depends on the transits we will experience.


New Moon in Gemini

Beginning Gemini season, we celebrate our New Moon in Gemini on May 21st, which will be about deciding and choosing which path we want to take, and celebrating the fact that we're moving in a new and exciting direction.

While many of us have struggled to see how life can move forward, as we’ve been in times of quarantine or social distancing, we’re also seeing that those areas are meant to move us forward, regardless of how difficult or complicated it may seem.

This moon actually begins our Eclipse Cycle, which will officially show up during the Full Moon in Sagittarius in a few weeks. So, this is the time to focus on what path we want to take so that, come the full moon, we will be able to move more readily in that direction.


Juno Turns Direct

On May 26th, Juno turns direct, meaning that we’re about to see some movement as far as the commitment goes in our romantic lives.

Juno is the asteroid that governs marriage, motherhood and committed relationships. While in retrograde we are asked specifically from the feminine standpoint to review the choices we’ve already made, or those we’re considering, before actually moving ahead.

Ironically, though, as she turns direct, we’re just seeing Venus, the planet of love, turn retrograde. So, while we can plant seeds and have conversations, any actual beginnings will likely be delayed until Cancer season, when we’re free of some retrograding planets and ready to focus on our family life.


Mercury enters Cancer

Helping us in our path of duality and figuring out which we want to journey through, is Mercury, the planet of communication and thoughts, moving into Cancer.

This is a water sign that's centered around home and family life. As the ruling sign of the moon, it helps us put things into perspective from a feeling standpoint, and enables us to clearly speak on our needs and plans.

Gemini season is a lot about setting the scene for choice rather than actually doing so, but even in this planning phase there's a great importance of having Mercury in Cancer, because he will help us have those conversations that are closest to our hearts.


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Pallas and Vesta

During the first week of June, we will experience two different asteroids shift signs, which will help to motivate our focus as far as it's related to home and family.

Pallas currently retrograding will shift back into Capricorn, helping us create a firm foundation to move forward in our lives, ending that division between our head and our hearts. Vesta moving into Cancer will ask us to focus on what sustains us, and what gives us warmth and pleasure as it relates to our home environment.

If it seems like there's a focus on building a strong foundation in our lives, even if it means tearing existing structures down, that’s because that's the theme of most of the astrology over the course of the next few months. This is guaranteeing that the decisions we make this time truly align with our soul purpose.


The start of Eclipse Season

On June 5th, we celebrate the start of Eclipse Season with a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Full moons are a time of fruition or endings, but because the last full moon was in Scorpio (which is all about endings and death), and this is the beginning of Eclipse Season, it’s more likely that this eclipse will be the start of a new chapter.

We have to understand that eclipses bring the unexpected. So, while there's no way to actually prepare for what may arise ,it's important to stay grounded and positive so you can make the most of whatever does come in.

Sagittarius is about expansiveness, openness and a greater meaning in life, while lunar eclipses tend to bring up change from below the surface. This means our emotional or mental world would be most affected around this time.


This is the year for us to rearrange where we thought we were going so that we can better participate in the soul contracts we made prior to coming into this life.

Mercury Retrograde

On the tail end of Gemini season, we see the planet that governs communications and thoughts turn retrograde for the next few weeks, helping us to slow down and discern what we want to say versus what we need to say.


Mercury retrograde in Cancer means that we’ll be asked to reconsider any commitments or conversations we've had in relation to our home life or those related to a mother figure, as it’s likely we will need to review something important.

This also includes us reviewing that home and family life we've set up, including the pre-existing foundations of our life. More than likely, we need to reflect, review and even redo many of these.

While this planet can be one that causes difficulties, as long as we approach it with openness and honesty regardless of what comes up, we will be able to receive it.

Gemini season is one that always helps us sort out the paths we’ve chosen, as well as the paths we want to choose moving forward.

While sometimes challenging to review pieces of our lives we had considered stable, it’s also essential if we’re going to keep growing. Change is never something to fear; rather, to embrace, realizing we get to choose the life we create.


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