How The Full Flower Supermoon On May 7th Will Affect Your Life Direction For The Rest Of 2020

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How The Pink Supermoon On May 7th Will Affect Your Life Direction For The Rest Of 2020

Our emotional world takes precedence as we welcome in the last Supermoon of 2020, the Full Moon in Scorpio, on May 7th. And this moon is known as a Flower Moon. 

What is a Flower Moon?

According to The Farmer’s Almanac, the Flower Moon received its name because of “increasing fertility, with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom.” In the set up to this Full Supermoon in Scorpio, also called a Flower Moon in Native American cultures, it's due to the budding of Spring around us.

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We have been experiencing dramatic astrological shifts. Saturn moving into Aquarius, Pluto retrograde, Venus retrograde, and the upcoming transits of both Jupiter and Saturn turning retrograde — this means this is a moment in time that some are calling a pause or even time-out; it's because we’re supposed to reorganize our priorities, shift our foundations, and redo some of the plans and agreements that we have previously made.

There’s no denying that we are and have been on the pinnacle of change for some time. There’s no denying there is no normal to return to, and regardless of what the specifics of our lives in this moment are, this phase is truly a gift.

We pray for change and then resist the process it takes to get there, which is one we periodically want to run from or deny. To change our lives isn’t an overnight process, but one in which we dance back and forth until we’re finally ready to take that leap into newness.

What do full moons represent?

Full moons represent a time of completion and fruition which beckon back to the last New Moon in Scorpio we experienced in October 2019. We can expect themes to resurface from around that time, likely with a sense of resolution. The energies from this full moon will linger until our reset with the November 2020 New Moon in Scorpio.

This Full Supermoon, while always intense, thanks to Scorpio it will be magnified because it’s the last Supermoon of 2020.

The first was in March, another in April, and now we conclude with the one this month. We can also expect that a realization or awareness about a given situation that began back in March will come to a head during this moon.

Whenever we see a triad of astrological events, such as this cycle of Supermoons, we know they are creating a story within our lives. Beginning back in March with an idea or possibility, in April it reached a peak; now, during this moon we will be able to take what we’ve learned and move forward differently.

In astrology, Scorpio is a water sign known for its intensity and alchemist properties, which means we’re likely going to feel the need to go deeper within our connections and even ourselves as part of a bigger transformation that's in progress. 

Scorpio is a water sign but is dramatically different than Pisces or Cancer. This sign isn’t just emotional — it’s deep, raw, passionate, transformative, and a little bit of a rebel.

Scorpio is the ruling sign of Pluto which, while retrograde, is also the planet that is known for being the ruler of the underworld. This sign is about going deep both within ourselves and with those we’re in relationship with, so much so that we could pursue this at all costs.

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It’s important as we head into this moon that we ground ourselves into the reality we’re in so we are better prepared to sense the direction and time for change that will be upon us soon. The thing with this moon is that while all these planets are or will be retrograde — which is affecting our foundations, our love lives, truth and abundance — we won't have our logical thoughts take over, but our emotional needs instead.

This is realizing exactly what we’re meant to focus on in the coming months, but with such intensity that it’s likely we’ll find it difficult to be patient. This is exactly what the full moon is asking of us.

Nothing in life happens overnight, and there is a delicate balance between rushing and avoidance. It’s looking at what our reasoning is and what we are desiring most in this moment. Scorpio has a way of making us feel what we’ve been avoiding, or realizing what we’re been trying to stay blind to.

Having this lunation occur during the retrograde of so many planets means we’re being asked to go back and review before moving forward.

While we may not want to think of anything we do as a mistake, especially if we learned something from it, it doesn’t mean that every path we choose is one related to our purpose. It doesn’t mean that all paths lead to the same destination; in fact, they don’t.

So, we will be asked to look at everything we haven’t wanted to — decisions about career, life paths, educational pursuits, family dynamics and especially those related to our romantic relationships.

Seeing the truth is only the first step to feeling our true emotions and not those of fear which, as long it's ruling our consciousness will also rule our decision-making process.

With Scorpio, while it’s about emotional intensity, it’s also about darkness. Scorpio rules the parts of us we sometimes feel the need to repress to live the life we’re told to.

But with this full moon, we’ll be asked to dive deep into everything, including that darkness.

What we will come to realize is that seeing the full picture, seeing the truth (darkness included), will actually enable us to make different decisions. To face what we’ve been afraid of, to feel all there is, and to not shy away from what feels too intense, because that’s never something to fear.

We should be most afraid of complacency, mediocrity, and living in the bland existence of just is. This is the time we’ve been walking towards, the moment of review, awareness and realizing that while the choice is ours, it doesn’t mean they are all equal.

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