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What Mercury Moving Into Aquarius Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 2020

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What Mercury Moving Into Aquarius Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 2020

While everything may be in a state of flux, when Mercury moves into Aquarius, it arrives right on time on January 16th, enabling us to look at things from a fresh perspective and helping us see things clearly.

Depending upon which zodiac sign Mercury is moving through, we can see ourselves affected in how we think, what we feel most drawn to, and even what types of conversations we feel like engaging in. And this is certainly the case with our love horoscopes, as well as our personal relationships.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication, thought processes and even conversation. And Aquarius is an air sign known as the rebel with a cause.

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This is a zodiac sign that doesn’t mind pissing off a few people along the way to fulfilling her dreams. Considered a feminine sign, Aquarius often gravitates towards the unique and original, and it is less likely to give into societal pressures or standards, especially in relationships.

While sometimes thought of as a sign that enjoys being single, the truth is, Aquarius doesn’t settle. It’s not a sign that needs to be in a relationship, so it’s not that this sign carries with it the energy of not needing anyone; rather, someone must be amazing in order to change that relationship status.

Mercury in Aquarius is always an interesting time because it allows us to tune into what we want and need, versus what we’re told we should do. It’s a time for us to start making those choices that align with who we are instead of trying to make everyone else happy.

But at this point in 2020, it’s especially poignant and helpful because of the other astrology we’re going through.

By February, we’ll likely stop talking about the astrology that occurred between January 10th to 16th, but at this point, it still needs to be mentioned. When we’re looking at one event, we can also be aware of the entire picture.

Astrology itself is not man-made. It’s not something that can be controlled or made. The planets have turned on their own long before man even existed, and they will continue to do so long after this life. Because of this deep connection to nature at its most raw and elemental, astrology occurs in pieces that make up a greater whole.

If we’re building a house, we need all the pieces in order to make it happen so that it’s stable and can be lived in. Astrology is the same, and the house it’s focus is on is one of change. Because many of us, especially those who are sensitive to energy, can feel transits before they arrive, we’re looking at this window of January 10th to 16th; however, there are some of us who many begin to feel this a week prior and may find that the entire month of January has this level of intense energy.

During these few short days, we’re seeing some of the most intense and important astrology transits in all of 2020 — and that’s saying something.

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We begin with Uranus turning direct which, in many ways, opens that door to change. Followed by our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, the strongest stellium in Capricorn we’ve seen since the 1990s, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that occurs every 30 years or so, Venus moving into Pisces, and now, Mercury moving into Aquarius.

Sometimes, we will go the entire month without this much intense energy, but all of that occurs within about five days. For anyone, even those who think astrology is something they must believe in, it will affect us, because it takes us time to process energetically these occurrences. But when so much happens so quickly, we can feel ungrounded, scared and emotional, not knowing why.

It’s important for all of us to take time around these few days to breathe, to go out into nature, take baths with Epsom salts and Smoky Quartz (one of the stones best for grounding), refrain from alcohol or substance use — which would increase any feelings of helplessness or anxiety — and increase water along with high vibrational foods like colorful fruits and veggies.

The only way to get the best out of this burst of astrological energy is to be our best selves, even if it might feel like everything around us is crashing down. We can be the eye of the storm, and even if life is swirling around us, we can breathe and feel rooted in the trust that whatever is happening is necessary — not just for us, but for the highest good of all those involved.

Simply put, this is an extreme time for change. No one is exempt. No one is too settled, too married, too old. It will affect us all to a degree, and what that is will depend on where we’ve been resisting growth, or where Universe wants us to expand into.

All the astrology is about letting go of what no longer serves us, of being confident that we’re making the right choice, of being ourselves, and speaking our truth, not holding back, following our heart. And Mercury in Aquarius is just what we need to help us do that.

Mercury in Aquarius will say what’s necessary, not what’s nice. This astrology transit will find the untraditional route.

But it will also find the way to make the old mesh with the new, the way to explain the impossible but do in such a way that it doesn’t compromise who we are. Mercury in Aquarius is a gift because sometimes, what we struggle with the most isn’t admitting that something needs to change but in how to say that to those around us.

While this can affect physical moves and career as well as friendships — given that Venus just moved into Pisces, a very spiritual and loving sign, alongside the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, another feminine sign that represents family and womanhood — it’s extremely likely that a lot of these changes will have to do with our relationships, home, family, and realizing that what we needed all along wasn’t something outside of us. 

Instead, it was understanding we had the ability to change our lives. We just needed to speak up and say what needs to be said.

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