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What The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction & Stellium In Capricorn Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships Until 2053

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What The Saturn Pluto Conjunction And The Stellium In Capricorn Means For Our Lives Until 2053

One of the awaited and somewhat dreaded transits of 2020 will bring with it some stark truths and inevitable change, as Saturn conjuncts Pluto on January 12th, with both planets in Capricorn. In addition, our love horoscopes will be impacted by the stellium in Capricorn.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets team up within proximity of one another, which unifies them. The energy isn’t just Saturn or Pluto energy, but rather a combination of both.

This transit rarely occurs, usually every 35 years or so. The last one occurred in 1982, and the next one won't happen again until 2053!

While the next time we experience this astrology transit isn’t for several decades, it doesn’t mean our zodiac signs are doomed for the next chunk of our lives.

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However, it does mean that the Universe is offering up some powerful opportunities and changes that without a doubt can change your life.

The thing with astrology like this is that no one is exempt. Not your 60-year-old mother, not your best friend who is happily married with kids, and not even your children. This affects everyone, even if we don’t see the connection until later on, towards the end of the year.

Sometimes, themes do start slow, and even though this conjunction is likely to cause more drama than a subtle event thanks to Uranus, the planet of sudden change turning direct on the 11th, if we’re not aware of what the Universe is asking of us this week, we will by the end of the year.

We are the masters of our destiny. We have free will. We can choose any path that we wish; however, that doesn’t mean that we’re always going to choose what we were meant to. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll choose the path of least resistance.

While we have the gift of choice, we also are humans who must battle things like ego, wounds, societal and family pressure, so the choice we make isn’t always the one that our soul needs to fulfill our purpose in this life. In certain situations, the Universe gives us a free pass knowing that we’ll get another chance further down the road or in another life; however, if this was the lifetime to make it happen and part of our soul contract involved making a particular decision we are resisting, the Universe steps in to make it happen.

Saturn is known as the father of the zodiac, as well as the lord of time and karma. So, if there is one planet in particular that really is going to force an issue, such as something deeply connected to fate, it’s going to be this planet, especially because he's currently in Capricorn, a very grounded, pragmatic, and hard-working sign.

But this astrological transit hasn’t been talked up and feared just because of Saturn’s serious nature. Rather, it's because of the combination of both planets involved.

Pluto and Saturn are some of the darkest planets that represent boundaries, secrets, timing and revealing what was hidden. To have them come together in Capricorn knowing that it’s a rare occurrence means this carries a great weight and likely will usher in a series of events that no matter how hard we deny or try to escape from, we can’t.

Together, these two planets are going to make it clear to us what is broken within our lives. Something is over, ending, served its purpose, and while at times we play the ostrich and stick our heads in the sand hoping for the best, this time it’s not going to cut it.

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We’re all going to be asked to pay attention to whether something is broken and can be fixed, or if it’s something we need to let go of because it’s holding us back. The biggest obstacles we face in life are when we refuse to move on, or refuse to see that a relationship, a job, a life path is over and instead operate from ego, wanting things to stay the same so we don’t have to leave our comfort zone. But in wanting things to be easy, we make them harder.

Adding to this energy is the incredibly strong stellium of planets in Capricorn. But what is a stellium in astrology?

A stellium is when there are three or more planets in one sign, and while we’ve flirted with this aspect since the beginning of December, at this point it’s exact with Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Ceres.

Ceres is a dwarf planet like Pluto which governs motherhood (another repeated theme from the January full moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer), destiny and legacy. A stellium in Capricorn means not only are we feeling extremely grounded, which means we’re also making the right choice in taking on big change, but that we’re ready to do what is associated with it as well.

Just because something is our fate, it doesn’t mean it’s easy or that we won’t have to work for it. Many times, we must work for our fate even more so in order to shed our ancestral wounds, our conditioning, and to prove to the Universe that we’re ready to this next step in our soul’s evolution.

These planets are coming together to help us learn that we must work for what is meant for us, and it won’t just happen or be given to us. We must work for what matters, what calls to us and what is most important to us.

Saturn conjunct Pluto is about letting go of our story, our ego, our wounds and the voices that tell us what is right or wrong, and instead listening closely to our intuition.

This conjunction is exact on the 12th, but be aware the week prior and after, as major events may occur over that time.

Be open to opportunities or events that feel like a redirection. But perhaps most of all, don’t try to hide from the difficulty, because you may end up hiding from the most amazing parts of life as well.

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