25 Best Quotes & Lyrics From Our Favorite Pussycat Dolls Songs

The Pussycat Dolls are back on tour in 2020!

pussycat dolls song lyrics quotes

The Pussycat Dolls are a girl group and dance ensemble with six members, Nicole Scherzinger, Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton, and Kimberly Wyatt.

The Pussycat Dolls were originally started by choreographer Robin Antin in 1995 as a burlesque troupe, however, in 2003, Antin collaborated with Interscope records to turn the burlesque troupe into a pop group.

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The Pussycat Dolls released their first album, PCD, in 2005. Their hit songs like, “Don’t Cha,” “Stickwitu,” and “Buttons” were on the PCD album.

Although this album gave them a lot of success, the group had internal problems. It was said that the lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, got the most attention and it caused separation and tension amongst the group. This tension lead to Carmit Bachar deciding to leave the group in 2008 to pursue a solo career.

Soon after, The Pussycat Dolls released their second album entitled Doll Domination in September of 2008. This album included their hits like, “When I grow up” and “I hate this part.” Billboard gave The Pussycat Dolls the title of the 80th most successful musical acts of the 2000s. The Pussycat Dolls also were awarded the 100th spot on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music list.


However, things took a turn a year later when the dolls announced that they will be taking a break from making new music, and it was soon after revealed that they officially broke up as a and would not be working together any longer.

But this all changed recently — in 2019 — when they announced they are getting back together and will release a new album. They made their comeback performance on X Factor: Celebrity, where they sang a medley of their old hits and gave a sneak peak of their new song “React.”

To help you get excited about The Pussycat Dolls comeback, let’s reflect on the greatest lyrics and quotes from Pussycat Dolls songs.

1. Dance with me.

pussycat dolls quotes best song lyrics


"Dance with me, make me sway like a lazy ocean hugs the shore. Hold me close, sway me more." — Pussycat Dolls

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2. Be a star.

"When I grow up, I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies." — The Pussycat Dolls

3. A freak like me.

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me." — Pussycat Dolls

4. Loosen up my buttons.

"I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons baby." — Pussycat Dolls

5. I hate this part.

pussycat dolls quotes best song lyrics


"I know this is the part where the end starts." — Pussycat Dolls

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6. I must stick with you.

"Nobody gonna love me better. I must stick with you forever. Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick with you." — Pussycat Dolls

7. Thought that we were stronger.

"I can't take it any longer, thought that we were stronger. All we do is linger, slipping through our fingers..." — Pussycat Dolls

8. Know when to walk away.

"But I am never beaten, broken, not defeated, I know that next to you is not where I belong." — Pussycat Dolls

9. Get someone who can keep up.

"I wonder, if I'm just too much for you." — Pussycat Dolls


10. Got my eyes on you.

pussycat dolls quotes best song lyrics

"Other dancers may be on the floor dear, but my eyes will only see you." — Pussycat Dolls

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11. This could be yours.

"Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours." — Pussycat Dolls

12. Say what's bothering you.

"Gotta talk to you now 'fore we go to sleep, but will we sleep once I tell you what's hurting me." — Pussycat Dolls


13. Love feels electric.

"I got shivers when you touch my face." — Pussycat Dolls

14. I don't need a man.

"You know I got my own life and I bought everything that's in it." — Pussycat Dolls

15. Be fearless and vulnerable.

pussycat dolls quotes best song lyrics

"It's important to be fearless yet vulnerable. It takes courage to do both." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls


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16. Communicate through dance.

"Dancing is another way to communicate. That's what separates The Pussycat Dolls from other groups." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls

17. Confidence is key.

"I can be quite daring with my clothes but I believe that you have to feel comfortable and confident to carry off whatever it is you're wearing." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls

18. Always be a striver.

"I love what I do and I strive to be better; that's what keeps me going. I'm never a slacker, always a striver." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls

19. Follow your heart.

"I never know if a song's going to be popular so I don't select them with that in mind. All I can do is follow my heart and my gut and go for songs that make me feel great." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls


20. Know the difference.

pussycat dolls quotes best song lyrics

"Be confident and not cocky." — Ashley Roberts, Pussycat Dolls

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21. Pick yourself back up again.

"You cry and you scream and you stomp your feet and you shout. You say, 'you know what? I'm giving up, I don't care.' And then you go to bed and you wake up and it's a brand new day, and you pick yourself back up again." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls

22. Believe in yourself.

"If believing in yourself and going after what you want in life and realizing your worth is ruthless and selfish, then I'm definitely ruthless and selfish." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls

23. We are pieces of a puzzle.

"We all fit like pieces of a puzzle. Everybody's input and their journeys and where they've been help put that puzzle together." — Melody Thornton, Pussycat Dolls

24. Love yourself.

"Stay true to who you are. Keep the faith. Be yourself, and love yourself." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls


25. Don't hurt others.

pussycat dolls quotes best song lyrics

"Don't say a word if you know that it hurts." — Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls

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