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New Couple Alert? Derek Hough & Nicole Scherzinger Hit The Clubs

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough

Derek Hough—one of our favorite dancers—was caught in the act of dancing with his former Dancing With the Stars partner, singer Nicole Scherzinger, and there was no TV camera in sight!

Back in 2010, the pair competed on the hit show and went home as winners. They've remained close over the past two years, but just as recent as last week, they were seen at two clubs in Los Angeles, including hot spot Lure and Jason Scoppa's Sayers Sessions.

A source tells People, "Derek came with friends (to Lure) and Nicole came later at around 12:45 a.m." It was obvious to onlookers that they had a lot of spark together.
"They danced and seemed to be in great spirits, having a fun time. They stayed for a bit and left together."

Hough is a total sweetheart just like his sister, Julianne Hough, who's also a great dancer and actress (and happens to be dating Ryan Seacrest). The famous siblings are very close, but sometimes their jobs make their relationship, well, awkward.

Recently, when Derek stopped by the Rock of Ages set to see his sister, she was in the middle of a stripping scene. Derek told E! News, "Yeah, there was a little awkwardness, being in a strip club... while my sister was dancing on a pole. But let's move swiftly along!" A-List Links: Julianne Hough Describes Being Groped By Tom Cruise

We're glad to see Derek has a sense of humor, and we wonder if Nicole is attracted to that as well. With them hanging out so much, we wonder if they're seriously dating!

Tell us: Do you like Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger as a couple?

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