What Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible For A Rebound Relationship After A Breakup

For those of us ready to lust again

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All zodiac signs have all had their hearts broken before and found themselves on the brink of a rebound relationship.

Poor timing. Wrong Mars and Venus matching. Whatever the reason the stars didn't align and astrology didn't help out. Things just didn't work out. 

What is a rebound relationship?

A rebound relationship takes place when you're still healing from a breakup and decide not to wait until your heart has fully gotten over the love you thought was real.


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We have all loved and lost, cried into our pillows, and mourned the loss of our imagined futures, and felt too lonely to wait for another day and jumped back into the dating scene again.

In this time of loss, it feels like our bones are trying to climb out of our skin, to avoid the ache of sadness we’ve wrapped ourselves in, so who can blame a person for rebounding with a new partner.

We do destructive things to ourselves, like eat cartons of ice-cream, or drink bottles of wine and watch movies where beautiful people fall in love, or text our exes at ungodly hours to prove how over them we aren’t.


Eventually, as the pain dulls, we take the next logical step in moving on and search the world for a rebound. Tagging in our thumbs as the new-age trigger finger, swiping left and right, searching for a distraction for our racing hearts and run-away bones.

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Astrologically speaking, there are some signs that are meant to be together forever, and some that should try to avoid ever crossing paths at all.

But during this time of emotional unrest, we need to turn the chart on its head and search the skies not for shooting stars, but for supernovas.

Someone to completely disrupt and destroy the chaos of our hearts and reset us on the path for everlasting love.


Below you will find your perfect rebound based on your zodiac sign.

Aries and Scorpio make the best rebound relationship match.

An Aries and a Scorpio mixing are like mixing fire and more fire. It’s dangerous.

But aside from being dangerous, it is hot, hot, HOT. Both signs are so passionate, impulsive, and romantic that sparks will be flying from every direction.

It will start with a bang, end with a bang, and probably have a bunch of banging in the middle.

Long term, this relationship may be too combustible to be sustainable, but at the moment, it will be FIRE. Hot, intense, a little dangerous, and eventually it will burn out.

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Taurus and Pisces make the best rebound best together.

A Taurus needs a Pisces when their heart is still a little broken.

The big raging bull is probably not feeling as powerful as traditionally accustomed, and are likely craving a little Pisces to curl up on their lap like a soft and warm little kitten, calming the ache in their hearts.

Tauruses needs someone to lick their wounds and remind them what it is like to feel powerful and loved.

Tauruses and Pisces also make good long-term partners, so when on the rebound, a Taurus must make sure they are not biting off more than they can chew, or even worse leading a poor Pisces on.

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When Gemini zodiac signs are rebounding, Virgo makes the best partner.

A Gemini, while on the rebound, can spiral out of control questioning everything about who they are.

They may question their interests, their wants, needs, and even their life choices. This sort of unrest leaves room for only one sign to get them back on track.

Geminis need a Virgo. A Virgo, being the Mary Poppins of the Astrological chart, will help the Gemini get their lives back on track.

With each spoonful of sugar, they will be medicated with such meticulous care and attention that like the prolific medicine, their sense of self will go down, and they can rediscover their confidence in another.


This relationship can be fleeting, as the Gemini may quickly lose interest when they stop dancing with penguins, climb out of the chalk art, and re-enter the real world.

But no matter the length of the affair, both parties will look back on the time as a Jolly Holiday.

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Scorpio, if you're on the rebound, date a Libra zodiac sign.

Our prideful little Scorpios are likely harboring a lot of anger and insecurity after a breakup.

They are likely masking their pain with indignant anger and a lot of impulsive behavior. The perfect ointment for the sting in their hearts is the balance and affection of a sweet little Libra.


The burn of loneliness on their skin can be cooled by the desperate companionship of a Libra.

A Scorpio will love whisking their Libra away and sweeping them off their feet with romantic gestures after romantic gestures.

They will love to feel strong and needed while the Libra will do everything they can to keep their Scorpio happy and loved.

Scorpios must look out for the hearts of their Libras, as they can get attached very easily.

Libras will do anything to avoid a confrontation, so it will be up to the Scorpio to check on their part-time lover.

But if we keep the playing field fair in love, I think we can avoid war altogether.

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Virgo, a rebound relationship with a Leo zodiac sign, is perfect for you.

Virgos are the ever meticulous, over-analyzing, neurotic bunch of nerves you’ll ever meet. After a break-up, they will be ten times more internal and analytical than ever, going over every moment and obsessing over their failures.

A Virgo needs someone to come into their lives and bring unrest. Virgos need a Leo to help them to relax. Leo’s will not stand for having a bad time. They will push their Virgo counterparts to the limits.

Virgo’s won’t have time to obsess or worry about their past relationships when they are partying all over town with their Leos. Leos will demand so much attention that Virgos will no longer have time to obsess over their past failings.

They will be able to relax and have a wonderful time enjoying the company of their powerful lion. And while the story of the Lion and the Virgin is very compelling, it is unlikely that it will end in everlasting love.


Eventually, the Leo will get bored and the Virgo will feel complacent, likely phasing out the wild affair, with only a whimper.

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A rebound relationship for Leo zodiac signs works best with a Taurus.

In times of emotional uncertainty, I think even the most outrageous of us are looking for stability, and strong shoulders to carry our baggage for a little while.

We don’t usually see the Lion with a thorn in his paw, but when they are hurt, Leos need someone to curl into and lick their wounds.

The Taurus is ever stable and nurturing will show up for their Leo. They will be practical when their Leo is being dramatic.


They will devote themselves to their Leo, helping restore the lion’s lost confidence.

Taurus is very practical, so they will know what they are getting themselves into with a Leo on the rebound.

Once Leo has licked their wounds, there will likely be a period of evaluation and a mutual parting. A Taurus to a Leo is a warm blanket or a cup of tea.

Someone to wrap yourself in during the winter, but to put away and think of fondly during the warm months.

Libras on the rebound have the best relationship with a Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Libra and Sagittarius don’t really go together. Libra’s love order and balance while Sagittarius’s are curious and impulsive. Libras tend to be clingy, which a Sagittarius cannot handle.


However, when on the rebound, Libra can’t emotionally afford to accidentally involve themselves with someone who will break their hearts. Sagittarius’s will not allow a Libra to get the wrong idea.

They will let their lovely Libra know that they are getting too close. This is great for a Libra on the rebound. They will keep themselves occupied but learn to ease up on the gas when involved with a new beau.

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Cancer zodiac signs rebound well with an Aquarius.

Cancer’s are usually very family-oriented, so when they go through a break-up, it is not just the loss of a partner they are mourning, but the loss of a future. The loss of their family.


So, when on the rebound, a Cancer needs someone to shake the foundation of their understanding of relationships.

An Aquarius is a great toe-to-toe match for a Capricorn as they are complete opposites.

Aquarius’s are traditionally independent and original thinkers. It is unlikely that they have a traditional idea of family or companionship.

Aquarius’s are traditionally very deep thinkers and problem solvers. They will help Cancers mourn their loss, and tend to their emotional wounds, then turn right around and demand their alone time.

While this relationship may not be great long term, it can be very lovely and very healing.

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A rebound relationship between zodiac signs Aquarius and Gemini can be healing.

Break-ups can be especially hard for an Aquarius. They are independent people who enjoy their alone time.

Emotional expression is hard for them. When they finally find someone, they can connect with and they allow themselves to open up and trust someone, and it doesn’t work out it can be a destructive blow. Aquarius people love solving problems, and a breakup is admitting there is a problem they cannot solve.

So, if they ever deem themselves ready for a new relationship, even strictly a rebound, they need a Gemini.


They need someone expressive. Someone who is going to help them to open up again. Someone who can make them laugh and keep them on their toes.

A Gemini will remind an Aquarius that dating can be safe, and fun and that not all relationships are an exercise in self-preservation.

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If you're a Sagittarius looking for a no-strings-attached relationship that's fun, rebounding with an Aries is perfect for you.

After a break-up, Sagittarius people tend to broach the mending of their broken heart with the vigor of a dog eating a tub of peanut butter.

They tend to be so impatient and sloppy in their recovery of affection, that they will settle for anyone and try to make anything work, as long as it eases their pain.


An Aries however, is competitive and won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

They will bring passion and romance to a Sagittarius’s life, helping them to want more than just a band-aid.

They are also very impatient and won’t stick around in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

Aries are very career-oriented and won't over-crowd a Sagittarius, who famously needs their space.

The two will push each other to be better, in a time when they need to be better.

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Pisces, play it safe when on the rebound. Have a relationship with a Capricorn zodiac sign.

Pisces tend to be very overly trusting. Even after a heartbreak, they can easily fall into a pattern of picking heartbreaker after heartbreaker, without ever missing a sure step. This beautiful open-heartedness deserves someone well-intentioned.


Someone practical, family-oriented, well mannered, and responsible. A Capricorn isn’t going to be reckless with the open heart of a Pisces.

Pessimism, while usually a negative trait, can keep them honest as to what they are looking for and what they expect in a relationship. They will provide stability in the free spirit of a Pisces.

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Cancer and Capricorn zodiac signs make great rebound partners.

Capricorns and Cancers are very similar astrological signs. They both are very practical and family-oriented. They are both going to do what is best for the people around them before they think of themselves.


But in times of heartbreak, Capricorns can focus more on self-depreciation instead of going out and having a good time. Cancers are very imaginative and creative. They will find a way to get their Capricorn lover out of a rut.

They are sympathetic which will allow them to be patient with a broken-hearted and pessimistic Capricorn. A Capricorn on the rebound can be very temperamental and Cancer is the perfect sign to take care of them.

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