The Fall Activity Each Zodiac Sign Enjoys Most

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The Fall Activity Each Zodiac Sign Enjoys The Most.

Fall is here and it’s time to bring out your comfiest sweaters, crunching leaves, and watch scary movies. Fall activities can be just as much fun as summertime activites, but only if you make an effort.

Since our zodiac signs in astrology can be a great indicator of our tastes, the favorite fall activity all depends on your personality. You might enjoy apple-picking or a haunted hayride. No one is saying you can only do one, just that if you’re swamped and don’t have much time, you should at least do your favorite.

For some people, their favorite fall activities center around Halloween or Thanksgiving. You might love throwing a huge Halloween party complete with all the scary elements, or maybe getting family together for a meal is your favorite way to celebrate this time of year.

The cooler weather can be energizing and make you want to get out more to enjoy nature. Is the fall your favorite time to go camping, or would you rather stay indoors doing autumn-themed crafts?

ARIES: Go high in the sky

Aries love to do cool things that not everybody has the guts to do. The feelings of lift-off are often linked to the feeling of being on the highest point of a roller-coaster before you drop, and other feelings of wonder when you're floating around the clouds, only to be matched by the feeling of wonder by the incredible views of nature.

There's also the tradition of having champagne upon landing that would appeal to Aries, making them feel as if they've won at something.

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TAURUS: Indulge their senses

For Taurus, their favorite fall activity is something that involves their senses. It could be baking pumpkin bread or making something in the slow-cooker, getting out all their softest blankets so they can cuddle up on the couch with their sweetie, or putting up fall-themed decorations.

They may go all out for Halloween and turn their porch into a haunted house with recorded screams, flying ghosts, and witches' brew. 

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GEMINI: Throw a Halloween party

Geminis love to socialize and they love a good celebration, so a Halloween party is perfect for them. It wouldn't be unlike Gemini to make it a Block Halloween Party so the kids would have a safe activity and all the neighbors could get to know each other better.

Gemini will have a very unique costume that will help spark conversation (not that they need help with that), and everyone will feel welcome because that's what this zodiac sign wants their guests to feel.

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CANCER: Take a trip to the pumpkin patch

Cancer loves to go to the pumpkin patch with friends or their kids, find the perfect pumpkin, enjoy some of the activities there, and bring everybody back to their house for pumpkin carving, snacks, and hot cider. Cancers love home and hearth, but they also like to be outside and do active things.

Going to a pick-your-own-pumpkin is great way to do something festive that's not too expensive, but is something that can be expanded upon.

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LEO: Go to Oktoberfest

Even if they're not in Germany or any other German-speaking countries, it's likely there's some kind of Oktoberfest Leo can go to. Leo loves the camaraderie, the culture, the beer, and the sausages.

You know that Leo will not be shy and will join in the singing, dancing, and games. You don't have to be German to appreciate a festival that celebrates love, as it originally started as a wedding celebration. 

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VIRGO: Get out in nature

Virgo loves fall for its beauty and they like to experience it as often as possible, which is why this zodiac sign may get up early to do a sunrise photoshoot, or might take a long drive out to a rural area.

If they live within driving distance, Virgo might go to a beach that allows bonfires and have a bonfire on the beach while star-gazing and moon-watching. Virgos don't need to spend all their time in nature; just a short visit will help them to relax and center themselves.

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LIBRA: Get scared and spooky

Libras love that feeling of being scared but in a completely controlled environment, so they love haunted houses, ghost walks, and haunted hayrides. If it's something a little different like a haunted boat or a haunted amusement park, that's even better.

Libras are often fascinated by the afterlife and do have a tendency to believe in ghosts. They love watching scary movies with other people because sometimes their reactions are better than the movie.

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SCORPIO: Go camping

Scorpios like to get up close and personal with fall and they do that by camping. They love to sleep under the stars, hike through the forest, and make s'mores over the campfire.

Scorpios can relax when they're away from the city, and the best time for them to do it is in the fall when it's not too hot or too cold, just chilly enough to need another person to generate some body heat. While camping, they do their best thinking.

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SAGITTARIUS: Have a romantic weekend

Nobody said you can't have a romantic weekend in any season of the year, but there's something extra romantic about being cozy inside while it's raining or cold outside.

For Sagittarius, getting out of town, even if it's not that far, can be exactly what they need to rekindle the romance in their relationship and/or help energize themselves. If they stay somewhere that's famous for their apple pies or pumpkin festivals, that's even better.

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CAPRICORN: Host a family dinner

Capricorns know they have a lot to be grateful for, and one of the ways they share their feelings is by hosting Thanksgiving at their house. It could be a potluck Thanksgiving, a catered Thanksgiving, or hardworking Capricorn may elect to do the whole thing.

But it doesn't matter where the food comes from. For Capricorn, the holiday is more about giving thanks, making sure the people you love know it, and enjoying each other's company.

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AQUARIUS: Walk through a corn maze

Aquarius like to do silly yet challenging things like corn mazes. They are constantly thinking and coming up with amazing ideas, which can be exhausting. Sometimes, they just want to do something that doesn't tax their brain that much but is still fun.

They also like the nod to the past that corn mazes have. They have a very good grasp of where they came from and where they're going. A corn maze may not seem like something that sophisticated Aquarius would enjoy, but they have a silly side to them.

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PISCES: Give back

Pisces are humanitarians at heart, and they have a desire to help anyone that needs it. So, it's not unlikely that a Pisces might help out at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, donate to a food drive, or participate in a fundraiser like a walk or a triathlon.

Pisces may donate blankets, grooming supplies, and vouchers for food to the homeless, volunteer at an animal shelter, or send a care package to someone in the military. They need to feel they've done something to make the world a better place, and Thanksgiving time is a great time to do that.

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