12 Hilarious Celebrity Tweets That Perfectly Describe Your Zodiac Sign

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Because 280 characters is plenty.

There are so many relatable tweets out there, from intersectional feminist discourse (in under 280 characters), to goofy come-backs in the midst of a Twitter beef. We all have favorite celebrity tweets that could describe our personalities perfectly — tweets that encapsulate our silliness, laziness, creativity, anger, sarcastic nature, personal politics, humor, and more.

But did you ever stop to think that they could line up with your zodiac sign? Instead of checking your horoscope for insight, you only have to look at your fave celebrity's Twitter pages to guess their signs. The most fierce tweeters are always air signs, after all.

But do Geminis have a noticeable tweeting style? Could you tell a Cancer just by their attitude on their profile page? I think so. So, let's see just how well celeb signs reflect their tweets, and yours too.

ARIES: Pedro Pascal

You have a feminist edge, Aries, and like Pedro you're not afraid to share it with the world. You want what's right for the world, and there's nothing more courageous than fighting for it. Never let The Man get you down, whatever you do.

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Taurus, you've got some solid (usually topical) zingers under your belt, and can be quite argumentative at times, so take a leaf out of Cher's book and just let it all out! Cher tweets frequently about topical issues, never caring if she's using "too many" emojis or capital letters in the process; she just wants to be herself, and she wants the same for you.

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GEMINI: Naomi Campbell

Just like Naomi, Geminis are optimistic and super-creative. So take her advice: wake up, and follow your dreams RIGHT NOW. Geminis are no strangers to fear, stress, anxiety, and everything that's downright scary or annoying, but the trick is to face it all head-on with confidence.

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CANCER: Selena Gomez

Speaking of Cancers! Like Selena, you're very sensitive and care a lot about the people around you. Nothing annoys you more than treating someone with perfect respect only to be treated like crap ion return. But nevertheless, if this quote is one of your personal mottos, just remember to put yourself first sometimes.

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LEO: Viola Davis

Most Leos are extremely caring and generous, so they love to share kind words of wisdom like Viola here. Leos believe in the good of this world and would do anything to make their friends happy. Regardless of your star sign, we can all appreciate and internalize these words about self-worth.

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VIRGO: Cameron Diaz

In response to who would win in a fight: Cameron or Leslie Mann. Virgos are always ready to throw down, so this is really no surprise. Just like Cameron, you love fighting for what you believe in, just... maybe try to avoid picking actual physical fights.

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LIBRA: Carrie Fisher

Libras are known for being easy going, yet slightly apathetic, just like the late and great Carrie Fisher. Carrie was always very open about her mental health and often spoke quite casually about it. So if you're struggling right now, then just look your "crazy" in the eye and say, "Come and get me," because no matter what, you'll win that fight eventually.

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SCORPIO: Whoopi Goldberg

Charming, affectionate, and a tendency to be a little extra — that's Scorpio in a nutshell. Every one of Whoopi's tweets represents how much love you want to give out to the world, and Cancers and Capricorns in particular appreciate this.

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SAGITTARIUS: Chrissy Teigen

You're a straightforward gal, Sagittarius. You enjoy simple pleasures, just like Chrissy, and no one will ever get between you and your favorite snacks. Although you do love your comfort zone, it by no means holds you down, as you're still so ready to try new things... tomorrow, that is.

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CAPRICORN: John Legend

Guest starring our favorite Sagittarius from above, who also happens to be John's wife. You're a good person, Capricorn, but you have to admit that you can be a tad selfish now and again. And if you're telling me you don't hog chargers, then you're totally lying. Just sayin'.

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AQUARIUS: Ellen DeGeneres

You're a very witty person, Aquarius, so there's no doubt in my mind that you've pulled a prank like this in your life. Despite your prankster nature, you really do care for everyone around you, and it's your everyday goal to make people smile.

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PISCES: Rihanna

Rihanna has always been known for her sharp tongue, and just like other Pisces, she's famous for having a quit wit. If you're having trouble with a collogue, classmate, any kind of hater who has something bratty to say about you, then just think... how would Rihanna respond? And you'll be set.

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