The Truth About Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams' Last Days As A Couple

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The Truth About Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams' Last Days As A Couple
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Like so many handsome, talented stars who die young, Heath Ledger has become the subject of great attention and speculation since his untimely passing in 2008 at the age of 28.

Questions have arisen about whether his overdose was really accidental. Many have asked whether he was an addict.

And some have even suggested that he was so depressed over his split with Michelle Williams — the mother of his only child, Matilda — that perhaps he no longer wanted to be alive. 

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Friends and colleagues close to the late actor, however, insist that his death really was unintentional. And in the cover story of July 2009's Vanity Fair, entitled "The Last of Heath," they share their thoughts on the end of both his life and his relationship with Williams.

One thing they make very clear from the get-go is that Ledger was not (in their opinion) an addict. Cinematographer Nicola Pecorini, who worked with Ledger on his last film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, revealed that Ledger used to smoke marijuana regularly, but "went clean as a whistle" when he thought it was becoming an issue.

And vocal coach Gerry Grennell, who worked and lived with Ledger during the shooting of The Dark Knight, insists that Ledger didn't even drink. 

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"Everyone has a different opinion of how he passed away," Grennell says. "From my perspective, and knowing him as well as I did, it was a combination of exhaustion, sleeping medication [prescribed for his chronic insomnia]...and perhaps the after effects of the flu. I guess his body just stopped breathing." 

As for his relationship with Michelle Williams, Terry Gilliam, who directed Ledger in Doctor Parnassus, says that it began to unravel during the Oscar campaign for Brokeback Mountain. "That was the moment when it changed, when he realized 'Uh-oh, we perceive the world differently.' He didn't care about things like those awards."

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