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What Month Is Taurus & Which Zodiac Signs Are The Bull's Best Love Match, Per Astrology

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What Month Is The Taurus Zodiac Sign & The Perfect Love Match, Per Astrology

Taurus represents the second house and is ruled by Venus. People born between April 20th - May 20th, are Taureans.

The symbol for Taurus is the bull. They are fixed and an Earth sign.

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When you are a Taurus, it means that you are reliable, devoted, patient, responsible, practical and stable.

Some of your likes may include romance, working with your hands, gardening, music, and cooking.

Your downfalls are the moments when you can be possessive, uncompromising and stubborn.

You also might dislike any complications, feelings of insecurities and sudden changes.

As a Taurus, you like to surround yourself with beautiful things.

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You may find that you are a very tactile person, where you are very sensual and tactile.

Also, you may find that touch and taste are a very crucial part of your life.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, love, satisfaction, attraction, gratitude, and creativity.

You also will find that you have a very tender nature, so you are one to nurture.

What does it mean to be in love as or with a Taurus?

You have to have the capacity to handle the amount of love and affection you are going to receive from a Taurus.

Taurus, you are very tactile, which is very prevalent in your relationships. You are very sensual and touchy, which is why you love to hold hands.

Being comfortable is very important to you, so even though you are a very sensual person, you have to be really comfortable with someone before you are ready to become intimate.

So, here are the most compatible zodiac signs for a Taurus. You never know, you just might find your soulmate.


These two opposing signs can be explosive when they are together. Taurus and Scorpio, you can experience some intense attraction to one another.

This couple has a connection where your deepest emotions are very much in sync.

But, be aware that there may be some emotional baggage that you are going to have to face together because the emotions their intimacy ignites may be very overwhelming.

As long as Taurus is ready to explore their intimate side and Scorpio is tender and caring, then this couple will work well together.

Once you connect on an emotional level, you will find it nearly impossible to separate them.

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A relationship between a Taurus and a Virgo can be very complicated. You really have to be comfortable with each other before you even consider being intimate.

Virgo, you may find that you are a bit ashamed to express your most sincere romantic adventures, where Taurus, you can be a bit more physical.

Virgo, you may be afraid of intimacy because you are very analytical and overthink things while discouraging yourself in the process.

You may think that it will be scary and rough when it comes to intimacy, but when you are with a Taurus, it means that you will have a partner that will work through your fears and will go slow.

Virgo, Taurus will be a perfect partner for you because they love to explore and explain intimacy in a way that might just make you more comfortable. They will be happy to teach you the ins and outs of your personality.

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A Taurus, Capricorn couple can be a bit standoffish when it comes to intimacy. You must learn to let go a little bit when you are together to really get to know each other in the room.

But as a couple, you are a great balance because Taurus will make you feel comfortable so that you don't feel the need to show off, whereas a Capricorn will make a Taurus feel comfortable enough so that they will let go and not let your fear of getting hurt get in the way.

As a Taurus, you can be very needy, which can scare a Capricorn away, while as a Capricorn will irritate a Taurus because you haven't fallen as deeply in love as they have.

But good news! If you remember to be aware of each other's needs as an individual, it will work out perfectly for you.

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Taurus and Libra, you may not be a common occurrence as a couple, but it's possible. Taurus is very emotional, tactile and tender, whereas a Libra will want to rely on good timing. This can make communication very difficult.

But, what drives you to be with each other is that you are both very needy emotionally and physically. The intimacy between you is going to be very tender and gentle. You both prefer to not have stress and drama affecting the magic happening in the bedroom.

Remember, all it takes is patience and drive to make it work. You can make it happen. It just takes time.

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This pairing has the best opportunity at a love life. The intimacy between you will be off the charts. Taurus and Pisces, you will easily get lost in each other and you will satisfy one another not only in the bedroom but in your everyday life.

These signs are very sensual. Taurus, you are the perfect representation of tenderness and intimacy, where a Pisces embodies sensuality.

You will find that in this couple, you will be paying more attention to the pleasure of your partner than your own, which will lead to you both being equally satisfied in the bedroom because attention is given equally.

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A Taurus and Cancer couple has to have a reason to be intimate with each other. Taurus, you need to feel safe and your need for touch must be satisfied.

For you, Cancer, you need a relationship to be serious and you have the desire to be close with your partner for you to even think about the possibility of being intimate.

Yes, you want to be with each other intimately often, and when you do, it will be satisfying.

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