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Personality Types That Will Break Your Heart, Ranked From Most To Least Likely

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Personality Types That Will Break Your Heart, Ranked From Most To Least Likely

Falling in love takes work. It’s scary to put your heart in someone else’s hands. But as it goes with many things in life, you need to take a risk for a reward.

Your personality type can reveal what you fear most about relationships. It can show you what you need for the perfect relationship as well. You may know your own personality type inside and out, from how you love, to how you carry yourself professionally, to how you live your daily life.

But there are 15 other personality types aside from yours. The way you interact with each personality type differs; some may be better for you than others. When looking for love, it’s good to be familiar with each type; you’ll want to know the positives and pitfalls of each.

Above all, you must protect your heart. It can be impossible to find your soulmate, but you can find someone who won’t hurt you. Some personality types are better with handling hearts than others.

Each personality type has their attractive qualities — but some have the unfortunate tendency to break up with people. Here are the personality types from most to least likely to cause heartbreak.


This type is not one for long-term relationships. They may let on that they are — they can be very persuasive — but energetic ESTPs are not very patient. A relationship with them may be one of the best you’ll ever have, but it’s likely to burn out quicker than you want it to.

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ISTPs tend to be outspoken about certain matters, specifically when they feel logic is threatened. In terms of their emotions, however, this type is one of the most reticent. An ISTP may be on a totally different emotional page than you think they’re on, so it may come as a surprise if they announce they want to end things. They will, however, try to be fair to you.

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At their best, ENFPs are loads of fun to be around. They love life and are endlessly creative. But as soon as they enter your life, they can leave. This type is restless: they hop from one thing to the next. If you can’t keep their interest, they will move on, leaving you behind. It’s important that you realize this is the way ENFPs are in order to avoid heartbreak.

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It’s not easy to tie this type down. They’re the type that prefers having many short-lived relationships since that seems like more fun than one long one. They are adaptable, however, so if they end up in a serious relationship, they will try to fulfill their partner’s needs. As a very social type, though, ESFPs may break their partner’s heart if their partner suspects they’re cheating. ESFPs don’t like to make decisions.

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This type is smart in many ways, but when it comes to emotions, they struggle. Intelligence is important to them, just as much as their autonomy. Anyone they may consider for a relationship must understand that. Overall, this type is detached and reserved; if you are not interesting enough to them, they’ll move on.

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INTJ is elusive to start; they keep to themselves. Even in a relationship, it is very hard for them to bring down their walls. If you do manage to gain their trust, they will not break your heart. This private type has their sights set on the long haul, and are very selective about who they want in their lives.

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The truth can often hurt, but straightforward ENTJ will tell you like it is. They may draw you in with their powerful aura. This type also tries to be fair in every situation. If they feel it’s time to break things off, however, ENTJs can be tough. They’re likely to end it, as well, since they are decisive.

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This type is in the middle because you’ll likely pine after them without ever having a relationship. ISFPs have a knack for knowing other people’s feelings, but the most important relationship in their life is with their freedom. If you are in a relationship with an ISFP, however, this type won’t let you down.

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Like ISFP, this type is in the middle, but for slightly different reasons. They are loyal and committed, and can be quiet cheerleaders encouraging you to do and be your best. On the flip side, this type tends to be private. They constantly search for truth and who they are. You may be dropped by the wayside for this, but this type will try to do it as gently as possible.

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10. ENTP

This type loves to talk—and they’re good at it. These conversationalists take initiative and let you know what they’re thinking and feeling. ENTPs do, however, place a high value on their independence. At the same time, they encourage the independence of others. They may justify the end of your relationship that way. Take that as you will.

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11. INFP

INFPs can be hard to read at times since they keep their thoughts close to themselves. But this type is devoted to people they want in their future, as INFPs have long-range vision. They deeply value their relationships and are an empathetic type. Still, INFPs are idealistic and individualistic, so even if it’s not their intention, they may break a heart or two.

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12. ISTJ

The word “dependable” describes ISTJ to a tee. They are committed to commitment and driven by duty. This type is not the most emotional and can seem detached at times, but their traditional values are key to them in relationships. They don’t want to break your heart, because that would be a failure on their part.

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13. ESTJ

This responsible type does not want to let anyone in their life down. They take all their relationships seriously. They’re able to foresee potential issues and talk about it to work things out before they become a problem.  This type may, however, lack some emotional depth.

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14. ENFJ

If you want someone that will change you for good, ENFJ is your person. This type may not be as likely to cause heartbreak, as they are extremely loyal and diplomatic, but if you break up, your heart will hurt for a long time. Their idealism may contribute; all in all, however, this type is extremely supportive and will inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

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15. ESFJ

ESFJs tend to be family people: they understand loyalty. This type has strong values and a moral compass that guides them through life and relationships. They are one of the most conscientious types and have a deep understanding of others. They can be sociable, but their special someone comes first.

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16. ISFJ

As a caring and considerate type, ISFJs are most concerned about your happiness and well-being. They are an empathetic type and are most understanding of the “golden rule”: treat others the way you want to be treated. They would break their own heart in the process of breaking yours, so they want to avoid that.

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