Why The ENTP Myers Briggs Personality Type Rubs People The Wrong Way

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Why The ENTP Myers Briggs Personality Type Rubs People The Wrong Way

If you've ever met a lawyer, actor, psychologist or someone who has mastered the art of understanding how people think, you might wonder how do they do that? It's not so much that they are smart, but they have certain personality traits that help them be more intuitive.

Chances are that these individuals have what's called the ENTP Myers-Briggs personality trait. ENTP, also known as extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P)  people were born to break social norms and get everybody believing in the world that they create.

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They are able to solve problems and generate new and useful ideas for any situation that they put their mind to. Always forward thinking, people look up to ENTP's to save the day at work with ideas that will impress and initiate conversation. 

In short, Myers Briggs calls them 'The Debater." They can take apart ideas and break them down to their elemental parts. ENTP's have never taken any ideas from anybody and love to create original ideas to call their own. 

ENTP's are accused of being snake charmers by some. They are charming, but in their own special way, they have their way with words and can easily persuade someday to do something with minimal effort.

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E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P)  people are the teacher's pet of personalities and will always make sure people know that they are highly intelligent and original. People with ENTP personalities are usually career driven, work in an office setting. 

Being a smart individual may rub people the wrong way because you are adamant about your options and want to prove everybody wrong. ENTP's put facts behind what comes out of their mouths. Debaters like to be informed about what is going on around them and try to make things better.  

ENTP's tend to make more enemies, but they don't care because they will not compromise who they are.

Once you are surrounded by ENTP's creative and intellectual nature you are drawn toward them because you know you will learn a lot of interesting information out of them. having them by your side is wise because you will always have a loyal and trustworthy companion.

Don't take their companionship for granted. Its rare that ENTP's open up and connect with people who share their interest and skills. If your down for a game of Trivial Pursuit or even watching a Jeopardy, ENTP's are great partners because they already know so much.

You can't deny their smarts and that they are going places in the world. ENTP's do have their downfalls. Here's what separates ENTP's positive aspects from their negative personality traits.

1. ENTPs have argumentative personalities.

ENTP's have a tendency of arguing with people. Arguments arise with ENTPs because they think they know everything and won't stop until they have proven their point and made the person they are arguing with feel small or uneducated.

ENTP's have to realize that people have different viewpoints and ways of looking at situations that are not their own. Making someone feel like they don't know what they are talking about could bite you in the but in the end. 

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2. ENTPs are insensitive.

ENTP's whether they know it or not look down on people. You look at people who are not at your level as inferior. You don't take the time to learn about other people and their customs. 

You don't want to know about something unless it's about you. ENTP's need to know that not wanting to explore another person's beliefs and customs can come of as ignorant and insensitive. ENTP's need to learn about other people, they might surprise themselves and learn something they didn't know.

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3. The "Debater" personality tends to be intolerant.

ENTP's love to compliment themselves and love to have people around them that match their capabilities. When ENTP's encounter someone or a group of people who they think don't match their skill set, they are quick to judge and not be friendly.

It is normal to have friends that are similar to you because you like the same things and they are probably on your level. ENTP's need to learn that its ok to be open to people who aren't like you and have different aspirations that are not your own.

4. ENTP have a personality type that struggles to focus.

ENTP's find it difficult to focus because they always have ongoing projects and ideas flowing in their head. Never stomping to complete a task, they go from task to another without bringing any task to a conclusion.

ENTP's need to figure out a way to prioritize their time so that they can complete things to their entirety. Finishing something from beginning to end will feel great because it will each ENTP's responsibility and follow through. Many find it difficult to focus but ENTP's find is more of a burden on their shoulders.

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5. This personality dislikes practical matters.

ENTP's are not practical by any means. They don't use a rule book and they don't like taking orders from anybody. Practical matters involving work, or even going out to have fun can turn into hell because you don't go with the flow of things.

You make situations that are simple turn into matters that are difficult to handle. When people want simple and practica.l they know not to go to ENTPs at all. ENTP's need to learn that not everything has to be serious all the time.

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