The 5 Negatives To Having An ESFP Myers Briggs Personality Type

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The 5 Fatal Flaws Associated With The Myers Briggs ESFP Personality Type

What's an ESFP Personality type? According to Myers Briggs an ESFP is an extrovert, sensing, feeling, perceiving person whose personality is also dynamic and fun to be around. 

The ESFP Myers Briggs personality type is also called 'The Entertainer' who is the life of the party. Always willing to give a helping hand when someone needs help.

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Fashionistas at heart, a person with this personality type will always have the advice to give people when it comes to the clothes they wear and how to arrange their home decor. You have to be willing to jump through hoops and dive right in when it comes to the ESFP personality type. 

Many entertainers have this personality type because they love to put on a show and their job requires them to be on stage and tell stories that are creative and entertaining. 

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There are some negatives that come with this personality type, too. Although most people with this personality type are entertainers, other people who have this personality type aren't in the entertainment profession. Most work jobs that don't require a stage or a degree in theater.

Other people who have this personality type use their talents in other ways to enhance their life and their career. For example, someone who works at a marketing firm or a financial institution will use their personality type to find ways to get investors to invest in the company they work for or create a marketing plan to get people to reach goals. 

ESFPs know that being creative can get things accomplished in no time. Never a type to sit and wait for help, stuck in a rut or having a hard time, they will think of a solution and act upon it immediately. 

ESFPs know that people go to them for help or a just to have a great conversation in person or on the phone. Always the people person, ESFPs know how to have a good time.

ESFPs will never let a person just stand to the side at a party. ESFPs always a social butterfly will make a person feel like they belong and fit right in. Never nervous, ESFPs like to chat it up and be the center of attention.

There are many positives to being an ESFP, but for now, let's look at the dark side of this Myers Briggs personality type and discover why some of their strongest traits can be negative:

1. ESFP personality types are sensitive. 

Entertainers are prone to be sensitive. Always taking in what a person says too literally. If they are given criticism, they will most likely react in a manner that is hostile and not appropriate.

Wearing their feeling on their sleeves, they are prone to putting their feelings out there and receiving positive feelings in return. ESFPs need to learn that although getting positive feedback is wanted most of the time, sometimes positive feedback is not what you're going to hear. Learning how to take criticism will be beneficial for ESFPs in the long run.

2. Someone with an ESPF personality type is conflict-averse.

Avoiding conflict is ESFPs middle name. Never wanting to stir the pot ESF's like to avoid getting their hands messy if they don't want to. Always the entity of fun and entertainment, they would rather see people in a joyous manner than arguing and causing a ruckus around them.

Trouble might be ahead for the Entertainer personality type if they don't know how to handle conflict. There may be times in a work setting, or even between a friend where conflict cant be avoided and ESFPs need to step in and handle the situation head-on. Handling conflicts are essential in getting through life.

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3. ESFPs are easily bored. 

We all get bored sometimes, but ESFPs need to be stimulated or they will literately lose it. Their brain is always going and always searching for knowledge. Being bored is not in their vocabulary and will do anything to stimulate their minds to by any means necessary.

Being in a state of rest for a long period of time is not what the dithered ordered for ESFP personality types. ESFPs have to learn that being still is not a  bad thing. it's good to vegetate once and a while and do nothing.

4ESFPs tend to be poor long-term planners.

ESFPs are poor at planning for the long term. They live in the movement. If they see an opportunity they take it and don't see why they have to wait to get something that they want. These Entertainers need to know that patience is a virtue and that not everything needs to be obtained at the moment. Planning long term can be great when it comes to saving money and planning events or even a career. On the flip side living in the moment can be fun, but you always need an alternative plan when it comes to life. 

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5. The Entertainer personality type is unfocused.

Being unfocused is a major downfall of the ESFP personality type. Not knowing how to stay focused can be detrimental when you are trying to accomplish things like a test, planning long-term, reaching goals, and completing the most simple of the task. You want to get into everything and by doing so, you start one thing and never complete it and move on to another thing. ESFPs need to figure out how to stay focused.

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