The Dark Side Of ESTJ Myers Briggs Personality Type

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The Darkside To The Myers Briggs ESTJ Personality Type

The ESTJ personality type is a leader in their own right. Always trying to help others when their chips are down, people look up to them for counsel and guidance for taking the next steps in life. They have a good ear and love to listen to peoples concerns. 

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Worldly and not ignorant of what is going on in the world, they educate people on foreign matters and makes sure that people overseas and around the world get their voices heard. 

Even though ESTJs are worldly, doesn't mean that they are not stubborn. They really want people to see it their way and if you don't agree with them they are quick to hold their ground and never give up. Always planned and never spontaneousness it is hard for this personality type to work on the spot and give advice if not prompted too. 

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Even though they are worldly and have experienced different parts of the world, they come across as judgmental and can put people down without even knowing it. Emotion doesn't come easy to ESTJ's, they want to look put together and not weak, so they put on a facade that reads that they are strong when they are not. 

People with this personality trait are blazing the campaign trail or traveling the world to advocate for important causes. They want their voices to be heard and don't care what they have to do to get it.

Celebrities with these Myers Briggs personality traits are:

  • Judge Judy
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Laura Liney
  • James Monroe

Whether they are on foot, using a social platform or traveling, they are taking time to listen and help people who are less fortunate. ESTJ's are for the people and they are not afraid to show it. 

Always working for the people, and working on bettering people with knowledge and understanding, they will make the world a better place by speaking their mind. They do have a dark side, but their positive aspects out way their negative aspects for sure.

1. ESTJs personality types are inflexible and stubborn.

ESTJs are inflexible and stubborn. They think they know everything. If you don't agree with them and you don't change your plans for them they will get angry. The world doesn't revolve around ESTJs.

This personality type needs to learn that they need to flexible to other peoples time too. With work and with their peer groups they appear bossy and demanding. If people think you are like that they don't want to hang around you anymore. ESTJs need to be aware and value peoples time and opinions.

2. ESTJs are uncomfortable with unconventional situations.

ESTJ's are not comfortable with situations where things don't go there way. They are the masters of their domain and don't want anybody spoiling that for them. Situations that are not to their liking and make them jumpy doesn't sit with them.

ESTJs need to learn that not everything is about them. Just because a situation is not what they are used to, doesn't mean that other people are uncomfortable, maybe its just you. ESTJs need to learn to go with the flow instead of messing things up for everybody around them. Uncomfortable situations will arise and ESTJ needs to know to go with the flow or just get out of the way.

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3. ESTJs personality is judgmental.

ESTJs love to judge people when they know they have flaws of their own. ESTJs make judgments on others to feel good amount themselves. Their self-esteem is always low and they need confirmation by bullying other people. ESTJs need to learn that bullying others will not give them the confidence that they need nor will it give them the strength to carry on each day. ESTJs need to look in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are before its too late.

5. This personality type is too focused on social status.

ESTJs love to be the center of attention so much that they have to be the leaders in their social groups and have to maintain their status. This personality type is focused too much on social status that they will risk their physical and mental health. Appearances aren't everything and ESTJs need to learn that they will lead a much healthier life and have healthier relationships with people when they feel good on the inside. Putting your time and energy into a social status can make you seem stuck up and not in touch with reality. ESTJs need to come down to earth sooner rather than later. 

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6. This personality type has difficulty expressing emotion.

People express emotion to sympathize with people. ESTJs lack emotion and can come off pretty callous to people. ESTJs don't expression emotions because they think its a sign of weakness. Showing a little humility is what makes people relatable and bond with others. Showing no emotions makes people not care about you and makes people not want to be around you. ESFJs need to know that showing a little emotion now and then won't hurt.

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